What We Believe

A letter from WholeCo Founder,
Carly Jo Bell —

As a business owner with a growing brand in today’s society, I have a responsibility to 1) be clear about what my beliefs are, so that people like you can make informed investing decisions, and 2) uphold and actively implement the beliefs that I feel—I might even say, know—will make this world a more kind, loving, safe, and brave space for all of its’ inhabitants. And especially those beliefs that make this world more of all of those things for humans who are not white, cisgendered, heterosexual, able bodied, from a relatively stable family of origin, financially privileged, and neurotypical—most of which I, personally, am.

I’ve shared what those beliefs are below, so I invite you to read through them if you are curious. AND my promise to you is that when I am called in for having done something harmful, I will acknowledge it and take action to rectify it. I am doing the unlearning and learning work that I am doing, in part, so that when I do mess up, I will have the capacity to be able to recognize and rectify it while limiting ongoing harm in the process.

Additionally, as the leader of WholeCo, I also take responsibility for any harm caused—unintentionally or not—by my team, and I am prepared (and continually preparing) to be able to recognize and rectify that harm as well.

I appreciate you being here and reading this, and I look forward to getting to continue living these values and beliefs out—publicly, messily, and with the ongoing commitment to keep learning and unlearning so that I can lead well (and also simply be even more of the human being that I desire to be).

With love, Carly

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The beliefs that guide us.

And not only do they matter, but because of consistent systemic and historical marginalization of Black & Indigenous people (particularly here in the US), Black, Indigenous, and People of Color need to be treated equitably—which sometimes means receiving things that their white counterparts do not.

While this is something I’ve “known” on a head-level in the past, I’m currently doing the work to embody this knowing as a way of being, rather than something that I simply “do” to try and “be a good person.” This is proving to include a lot of learning and unlearning, and I am grateful to be on this journey and admit to being entirely in process with it.

These statements are the most accurate representation of my current beliefs, and of the beliefs that I am continually working to instill within WholeCo as a brand and company. Thank you for reading.

If you feel that I or a member of my team or community have not held up one or any of these values, please let us know in the form below. Your message will land directly in my (Carly’s) inbox, and if you leave your email address, I will reply within 3 business days (M-Th, excepting US public holidays).

The above form is confidential and you have the option to remain anonymous.

p.s. Looking to do your own inner work around all of these things? I highly recommend reaching out to Makeda Pennycooke, who has been so deeply integral to my anti-racism, and frankly entire anti-oppressive, journey—especially when it comes to beginning to embody rather than simply know these beliefs.