The Sustainable Success Podcast, Episode 025


There were two big lies I was presented with back when I was first taught sales skills for my business: prospective clients will have objections, and it’s my job to handle them.

I learnt how to listen to the prospective client say, “That’s too expensive,” “I don’t have time,” or “I need to ask my partner.” Then to ask them questions about what they really meant, or often, what they were really afraid of in making this investment. To walk them through it and then help them experience a belief shift. And, when all else failed, to remind them that people who are really serious about [getting the result or transformation] never, ever hesitate.

I bought into the lies for a while—how could I not, when that’s what was being presented as the one and only truth—until through my own learning, experimentation, and yes, actually through taking countless prospective clients through sales conversations, I discovered: I don’t have to handle objections, because my Right Fit prospective clients don’t actually have them.

In fact, it’s largely the misaligned clients that have true objections, which means that hearing an objection is often a great indication that someone is not actually ready for your work.

Now, this is not me saying that prospective clients never have questions or hesitations or even the occasional anxiousness about investing. But as you’ll see in todays’ episode of The Sustainable Success Podcast, this is all very different than the objections so many sales people talks about, and how you meet a prospective client in an objection is very different from how you meet them in a hesitation or question.

Specifically, I share:

💛 The difference between an objection and a hesitation or question

💛 Why the standard objections we’re taught by salespeople to “handle” are almost always indicators of a wrong fit or a not-yet-Right-Fit client

💛 The subtle nuances between a true objection and a hesitation to listen for in sales conversations

💛 What to do when a prospective client has an objection vs. what to do when they have a hesitation

Tune into episode 025. I don’t “handle objections” in sales conversations (here’s why) wherever you listen to podcasts!

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