Mornings with Carly is our private client podcast where I drop three 5-10 minute episodes every single week, full of mindset practices and inner work inspiration, client lessons, and WholeCo behind-the-scenes debriefs. And today, right here on The Sustainable Success Podcast, I’m sharing a preview of THREE of those episodes! 

All as part of our first ever Spring Spectacular, only the biggest sale we’ve ever run in nearly 6 years of business here at WholeCo. Check it out here.

Here are the episodes you’ll get to listen to today:

  • Is there ever a time to take on a wrong fit client, especially if you want the money?
  • Tried it; didn’t like it. A convo on the value of experimentation in biz (even if you don’t like the results)
  • How might your desire to be liked (or a fear that you won’t be liked) play a part in your business right now?

Mornings with Carly is typically only reserved for our EXPAND clients, and we occasionally invite members of live rounds of our courses to subscribe as well. For this week only, however, you can get lifetime (of the podcast) access to Mornings with Carly simply by picking up either of our bundles at Spring Spectacular. Learn more about Spring Spectacular right here.

Coming soon.

Episode Links:

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I’m Carly Jo Bell.

(Though you can just call me Carly.)

Carly Jo Bell is a business strategist and mentor, and fonder of Whole Co media. Through her courses and programs, podcast, and one on one coaching, Carly helps pulled-in-every-direction entrepreneurs create a business that brings in as much joy as it does revenue — by cultivating deep self trust, and solid foundations as the first step.

For more from Carly, and to learn about her signature “looking external for inspiration, and internal for answers” approach, join the conversation by signing up for her weekly email series, Carly's Couch.


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