Watch your own journey through other people’s marketing, and you’ll find some very interesting things that you can apply to make your marketing even more strategic and effective.

For example:

Yesterday I was scrolling through Reels suggested to me on IG and I came across a Reel that only had about 2,000 views, but that really spoke to me. (It went deep…in like, 90 seconds.)

I clicked through to their profile, noticed they had Stories, so I clicked through there. In the stories, they told me that they do a daily story at a certain time each day, and they told me what to expect for that story series. I liked it—both the concept and the actual daily story—so I clicked out of the story and hit that “follow” button.

Once following them, I scrolled down a bit on their feed to see what other content they posted. They had a recently posted carousel underneath their pinned posts, whose cover graphic (simple color background with clear, big text) caught my attention. I clicked to read.

I read through the carousel, and they told me that there was more information in the caption. So I read the caption. In both the caption and the carousel they told me they had a free guide linked in their bio if I wanted to go deeper.

I did. So I went and signed up for the thing on their bio and downloaded it. Now I’m on their email list…all within about 5-10 minutes from start to finish.

Their content took me on a journey. It met me with at the beginning with something that wasn’t going to go viral—it was too deep and not nearly “hook-y” enough—but that spoke directly into a lived experience I’m having.

Their stories told me exactly what to expect from their account, and gave me a reason to follow—I wanted their daily story!

Their in-feed content gave me even more depth through the carousels and the long-form caption—both of which were “valuable” to me and so I naturally wanted more, which they handily provided (generous + strategic!) by inviting me to get the guide at their link in bio.

Their guide was simple, but clear. And also gave me exactly what they said it was going to. It also invited me to work with them, and yep, I went and looked at their linked sales page and now I know what work they do even if I won’t necessarily be buying anytime soon.

What I learned from this experience (or really, what was affirmed once again for me lol because I’ve been teaching MANY of these things foreverrrrr):

  • In-depth Reels can actually be more valuable than viral Reels, depending on what your intention of that content marketing strategy is—and even if they don’t grow your audience FAST the people that do join your audience from your highly relevant-to-your-Right-Fit-client content are, almost exclusively, Right Fit clients.
  • Giving people a reason to stick around (through following, etc.), and sharing that very explicitly AND consistently, will often actually be the thing that makes them stick around.
  • In-depth content—that speaks explicitly to a Right Fit client for your work—always wins when it comes to moving someone from a simple follower to an actual lead.
  • Clear invitations are deeply in service of your Right Fit leads, whilst also being hugely valuable for your business strategy (I wouldn’t have gone and signed up for that lead magnet—and therefore gotten onto this persons’ email list—without those clear invitations).
  • Aligning your content with the logical next step ensures that it feels natural to take that next step (e.g. the topic of the carousel naturally made me want to download the lead magnet, because the carousel gave me a full step but the lead magnet gave me the next step).
  • Pitching your actual paid work, and doing so clearly and in a way that feels like the natural next step from your free content, is ALSO deeply in service of your Right Fit leads AND a really smart business strategy thing to do.
  • Delivering on what you say you will sets the bar for what people can expect in your work, and they’re much more likely to trust you enough to actually be TRULY curious about/interested in your work—even if they JUST ‘met’ you 5 minutes ago—than if you give some surface-level, 101-style thing that doesn’t ACTUALLY meet your Right Fit people with the things they need to receive a micro-transformation.

See how much you can glean simply from being curious about your own experience with other people’s marketing?

Now I’m curious: which of these ‘lessons’ I shared above do YOU want to apply to YOUR marketing? Come share with me inside the Big-hearted Entrepreneurs Facebook Group.

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