Have you had those moments in your business where it feels like everything is falling apart?

Me too!

Nothing is static and that means we, and our businesses, go through transformations…and transformations are messy, period.

The good news is, the mess of transition is where SO MUCH good stuff happens. Welcoming the mess means we open up to new opportunities, new ways of doing things, and new ways of doing business.

I’m going to walk you through my own recent experience with WholeCo’s messy middle, how I’ve been moving through that and what changes are happening behind the scenes.

I hope this provides you with some reassurance that these moments are not a bad thing – they’re an amazing opportunity to uplevel!

In episode 1 of season 6 we explore:

  • As we change, our businesses have to change – what that can look like, feel like, and lead to
  • The first principle of how to encounter the moments when we’re doubting or feeling like something big needs to change in our business
  • The growth potential (both inner and outer) that the mess invites us into and how to engage gracefully with that invitation

The messy middles are where so much magic happens – embrace them!

Listen to the episode below or subscribe on your favorite listening platform.

“If or when you find yourself in a space where you know that what you’re doing are all things that you need to be doing but it’s creating a challenge in some other area of your business, you’re not alone. This is part of building a successful and sustainably successful business. The messy middles are where so much magic can be found.”

— Carly Jo Bell, Selling Chocolate

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I’m Carly Jo Bell.

(Though you can just call me Carly.)

Carly Jo Bell is a business strategist and mentor, and fonder of Whole Co media. Through her courses and programs, podcast, and one on one coaching, Carly helps pulled-in-every-direction entrepreneurs create a business that brings in as much joy as it does revenue — by cultivating deep self trust, and solid foundations as the first step.

For more from Carly, and to learn about her signature “looking external for inspiration, and internal for answers” approach, join the conversation by signing up for her weekly email series, Carly's Couch.


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