Private Coach-sulting (1:1 Business Coaching)

Private business
coaching, consulting,
and mentoring.

Interested in working 1:1 with Carly?

Private coach-sulting with Carly is for already established business owners who are ready to take what's already been working, streamline the rest, and finally take the necessary steps to turn their business into one that brings them ever-compounding amounts of joy, fulfillment, and revenue.

Inside this container, Carly becomes a partner in your journey, walking with you as a been-there-done-that guide who knows how to balance sharing timely advice and strategy with pointing you back to you.

Together, we will customize your journey to facilitate your expansion into whatever you desire the next era of your business to look like.

Past and present 1:1 clients have hit new revenue milestones, drastically reduced expenses/increased profit, created new lead generation and sales systems that are more aligned with their fluctuating capacity, launched new offers, built evergreen assets like email sequences and webinars, identified and embraced their thought leadership "lane," made aligned long-term investments in team or other forms of support, fixed leaky boundaries with clients, owned their own power and wisdom on a body level, increased their physiological capacity for massive visibility (and all of the good and not so good things that come with), and so so much more.

Of course, your results will be dependent upon your specific goals, priorities, capacity, season, and more.

Consistently 1:1 clients remark that our work together takes them deeper into building a business that facilitates real, lasting Sustainable Success for them, which has compounding positive effects in terms of freedom and fulfillment across both their personal and professional life.

Clients often choose to continue private coach-sulting with Carly for years. And when they walk away from our work, they do so knowing that they have what it takes to build and run a thriving business, and being sure that they are building the business they actually want to build. The business that is wholly aligned with their greater purpose, and that continues to evolve as their understanding of what that means does too. The business that will "go the distance" with them to whatever lengths or heights they wish to go.

A bit about the container:

Private Coach-sulting with new clients is a 4-month container, at the end of which we will make a mutual decision about whether to move forward into regular 6-month containers.

Our first month together, we will complete an entire AOM Alignment™ intensive in which we will build out and/or refine your Audience, Offer Suite, and Messaging. We'll do that through three, 2-hour sessions booked weekly with a touch of work in between.* (The work completed in this intensive is normally a $5,000 investment on its own.)

Yes, month one is intensive. We start this way so that the remainder of our work together in your initial 4-month package can be focused on implementing the necessary shifts and really ensuring that you and your business are ready to go to the heights you desire to go to.

You'll finish month one crystal clear on...

  • The nuanced differences between your Right Fit, wrong fit, and not-yet-Right Fit client that make all the difference in your ability to reliably facilitate the intended results of your work (or not).
  • Why, despite your present sales process, you may still be attracting and/or bringing clients on who end up draining your energy, who don't do the work in your containers, and/or who tell you that your work is "too expensive." (As well as having begun to make the necessary shifts to prevent each of these experiences.)
  • Exactly what has made your most successful clients so successful with your work, and how you can shift/refine/nuance/rework particular elements of your offers to even more reliably facilitate those results. (And reap the rave reviews, referrals, and re-sign-ups that come with.)
  • The right-for-you and your audience way to increase customer lifetime value, and the specific pathways you can build to organically set clients up to re-sign with you and/or upgrade to other offers.
  • Where to focus your energy in the short and long-term in terms of what offer/s to sell, develop, and prioritize in order to reach your business goals in the way you want to reach them.
  • The messaging that naturally weeds out wrong fit clients while helping Right Fit, ready-to-buy clients to self-select into whichever of your offers is right for them. (Which has the side effect of massively simplifying your sales process.)
  • ...and seriously so much more.

*If the month one timeline is incongruent with your current capacity, please let me know in your application and we can discuss lengthening it as needed.

During our remaining 3 months, you’ll receive two 55-minute coaching sessions per month, and—upon moving into a full 6-month container—complimentary access to pretty much all of my other programs. (Your access to the majority of the WholeCo offer suite becomes lifetime access once we have worked together for a minimum of 9 months. Terms apply.)

Throughout the entire four month package, you'll also have unlimited 1:1 Voxer access to me, M-Th with 48 hour response time.

This is a highly individualized container, where we will set intentions for what you would like to accomplish and/or focus on together, and build out a custom-to-you plan to expand in that way.

The investment:

The investment in this Private Coach-sulting package is $8,000 or $2,000/mo for the first four months.

Should we mutually decide to step into regular 6-month packages after this, you will be moved over to our partnership pricing of 10% of your monthly revenue (minimum monthly invoice of $1,250 applies). Further details will be shared post-application, if we move into a Discovery Call.

How to get started:

Available spots are not necessarily limited by a static number, but rather by my current capacity and also by whether I feel we are a great fit. I only bring clients into this container that I am truly confident I can effectively support, and who I am also truly confident will show up for the journey and actively receive that support. With that in mind it would thus be accurate to say that these spots are limited. 

Due to this, we ask you to complete an application, and do so with care. Upon submission, I or a member of our team will get back to you in 3 business days with either an invitation into a next step or into another resource, reference, offer, or opportunity that we feel will be more beneficial to you in this moment.

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“I have finally found a business coach that works for me. Why? Because she focuses on me - my business, my client, my gifts, my intuition, my wisdom. There are no cookie cutter formulas only the journey. She supports me in connecting to myself and letting it all fall apart so it can come back together. This is a messy and challenging journey sometimes and the fact that Carly can walk alongside me in that makes me feel truly supported. And then when we are ready we create content plans and offerings that really sing because they are right for my people and for me.

I now have explicit and strong boundaries around expectations and my time with clients. My core offering has a deep and robust structure and curriculum that supports superior client results. I have drastically reduced expenses so margins are very high. I am working with 15 amazing clients right now in a combination of group and 1:1 offerings - each client is a right fit client who awes me - it is an honour to work with them.

I also know in my bones that my business "is working" amidst the ups and downs. All of me is now present in my business - my full intellect, my heart, my body, my spirit - the business woman and the medicine woman - all parts are working together.

If you’re considering working with Carly: Follow your intuition. Once I started working 1:1 with Carly we went so far beyond where I expected we could possibly go. She goes DEEP. Has held space for me as human humans can. We operate at all the levels from the existential to the somatic to the spiritual to the tactical to the tools. She's got all the pieces and in my experience delivers beyond my expectations. I wouldn't be as happy in my business as I am without her and I suggest that if your intuition is drawing you towards her that you follow it and step in."

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