Online Program Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to any person registering for a program, course, event, custom training session, or any other service linked to these Terms of Use with WholeCo Media, LLC. All notifications of cancellations and requests for transfers must be sent via email to hello[at]

See various offer-specific terms at the bottom of this page.

Assent & Acceptance

By purchasing and participating in a Program, Course, Coaching, Workshop, Digital Product, Training, or any other service linked to these Terms of Use (from here on: “the services”) you warrant that you’ve read this information and agree to it.


Any materials provided within the term of your service remain the property of WholeCo Media and cannot be shared with any outside party. You are free to use them within your personal business and for their intended purpose, but if you are found to be sharing these materials, we reserve the right to terminate your access to the materials and potentially even the service. Basically, be a good person, friends! We’ve put a lot of work into the materials and information we provide you.

In short: You are only receiving a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable license for non-commercial use only in order to access any content or materials in the Offering You have paid for or opted to receive.

You may:

  • Access the Offering for Your personal use (if additional members of Your team need to access the Offering, You must purchase additional Offerings at one per each team member).

  • Download and/or print select Offering materials for Your personal use in Your business (if additional members of Your team need to download and/or print any materials from the Offering, You must purchase additional Offerings at one per each team member).

  • Use Our trademarks and copyrighted materials with Our consent and proper credit and marking, namely, citing © WholeCo Media LLC as the source of the materials and marking any federally registered trademarks with ® or common law trademarks with ™.

You may not:

  • Re-sell or trade Your access to the Offering.

  • Share the Offering with anyone else who has not yet purchased it or opted in to receive it.

  • Reprint or republish any of the Offering, in part or in whole.

  • Distribute any of the materials contained in the Offering or related materials and/or communications as Your own, otherwise known as stealing.

  • Reproduce and tweak any part or whole of the Offering for distribution as Your own work.

  • Claim ownership or use over any of Our intellectual property without Our prior consent, which includes (but is not limited to): copyrights such as course materials, worksheets, workbooks, lessons, videos, and more; trademarks such as names, logos, taglines, or other unique source identifiers; or trade dress including the look and feel of the Offering (and its related communications and materials).

  • Use Our Offering or any related materials and/or communications in an unlawful way or for any illegal or unlawful purpose(s).

  • Share any part of Our Offering with AI tools, such as ChatGPT.


  • We can provide you the information, but You are solely responsible for implementing any aspect of the relevant training within Your life and business.

  • We are not liable for any result or non-result or any consequences that come from Your participation in this service.

  • This service does not provide any medical, legal, or therapeutic advice.

If You wish to use, publish, or access any of Our content, Offering(s), or related materials, You must do so by requesting and receiving permission prior to commencing use of the same by emailing Us at hello[at] Naturally, we reserve the right to refuse.

Account Creation

In order to use the Service, you may be required to provide information about yourself including your name, email address, username and password, and other personal information. You agree that any registration information you give to WholeCo Media LLC will always be accurate, correct, and up to date. Also, as much as I know you love dressing up for Halloween, you’re not allowed to impersonate someone else or provide account information or an email address other than your own. Your account must not be used for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You must not, in the use of the service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • In-person & Digital LIVE Events – If you are unable to attend your booked event, you are able to receive a full refund (minus the 3% transaction charge) if you give at least 28 days notice before the date of your booked event. Otherwise, all in-person and digital live event bookings are non-refundable.

  • Online Courses & Programs – Due to the digital nature of our online courses and programs we don’t offer refunds. The only exception to this no refund policy is EXPAND, for which there is a 30 day refund period under the terms of the Empowered to EXPAND Guarantee.

  • Custom Training (e.g. paid training for your students) or other 1:1 Coaching support (e.g. VIP Day) – 1-on-1 custom sessions are also non-refundable as we reserve your space on our calendar (that could have otherwise gone to a different client) and begin preparing for our session/s from the moment you book in.

Payment Plans

By signing up to a service using a payment plan, you commit to fulfilling all payment obligations as originally agreed upon at time of sign up. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct payment method is always linked to your account. WholeCo Media reserves the right to pursue legal action should you fail to keep up with the terms of your payment plan.

Transfers to a Future Exact Offering - for live events only

Transfers are available at the sole discretion of WholeCo Media and are subject to another exact offering being available. Notice must be given at least 72 business hours before the start-time of the live event. Please request a Transfer by emailing hello[at] Only one transfer is allowed, and a refund option is not offered on an already transferred service. Transfers are not allowed on digital products, courses, or programs.

Substitutions - for live events only

Substitutions (putting another person in your place) are allowed when given a minimum of 48 hours notice before the start-time of the service. They are not allowed for digital products. You are responsible for organizing all details of the substitution, and both you and the person substituted for you must email me at hello[at]


If you do not attend a service, there will be no refunds or transfers. Effort will be made to remind you of your start date, but it is ultimately your responsibility to remember the dates, times, and location.

Recording & Photos

All services are subject to being recorded and/or have photos taken at in-person events. All of this content is subject to being used however I determine necessary, inclusive of being shared in my marketing efforts. By attending these events, you release your rights to these photos and video content, and grant WholeCo Media royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide license to copy, display, use, broadcast, transmit, and make derivative works of this content.

Of course, I also understand that there may be personal information shared within some of these sessions. Efforts will be made to protect your sensitive information in any content chosen to be used or shared. We want you to feel comfortable being you, and we will use our discretion if and when we choose to share.


Any bonuses or other limited time offers presented when purchasing must be used within 1 month of original purchase or within the timeframe of the offer (i.e. if you have signed up for a 3 month offer with a bonus 1:1 session, you must use your 1:1 session within those 3 months), whichever comes last, unless otherwise stated.


WholeCo Media reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or re-schedule services due to any unforeseen circumstances, inclusive of low enrollment. Should a cancellation occur, you will be offered a full refund or the option to transfer to another date, pending availability. We cannot compensate for any additional costs incurred in your efforts to attend a service.

We also have a zero tolerance policy for abuse, harassment, or any other personal violations of me, my staff, and any other people involved in these sessions, inclusive of people just like you who are participants. We reserve the right to immediately remove you from any session, without option for refund, if you participate in and/or instigate any of these actions.

This information is correct as of last date of edit, 15 November 2023, and these Terms remain subject to change. WholeCo Media reserves the right to change dates, location, venue, and content at our discretion, and to refuse to accept a booking.


Friend, business is risky. And while we love using our experiences, and the experiences of countless other entrepreneurs we know, have worked with, and have drank endless cups of tea with, business is still risky. So our advice doesn’t come with any guarantees. If you think you need professional help, consider hiring a 1:1 business consultant or other professional.

Additionally, we are experts at what we do. We’ve got the credibility, experience, and skills. However, please remember that we are not licensed psychologists or healthcare professionals, and our services don’t replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. With that comes the standard eye-glaze inducing disclaimer that, no, we cannot actually guarantee the outcome of our coaching efforts and/or recommendations on our website/blog/email series/any other form of marketing, and our comments about the outcome are expressions of (our very personal) opinion only. We can guarantee you this, however: we will do our best to support you as the unique and wonderful human that you are, and we’ll do our very best to support you in reaching your goals.

Contact Us

WholeCo Media, LLC

3410 La Sierra Avenue #F324

Riverside, California, USA 92503



These are in addition to the terms above.


In addition to (7) months access to the training library and all included materials, your journey in EXPAND includes additional supports. These include:

  • 30-minute 1:1 coaching session,
  • monthly Voxer Office Hours,
  • feedback on your Messaging module workbook and on 10 pieces of content (upon completion of Challenge #2),
  • priority support inside the WholeCo Media public Facebook Group,
  • monthly client-exclusive Q&A call,
  • lifetime (of the podcast) access to the private client podcast, and
  • a dedicated WholeCo team member as accountability through your journey.

While we will do our best to notify EXPANDers/students of these additional supports and when they gain access to them, some of these must be specifically opted in to by the EXPANDer in order to be utilized, and it is the responsibility of the EXPANDer to do so.

Those who complete EXPAND within their initial contract time will receive an additional bonus, the Graduation Gift, inclusive of:

  • Lifetime (of the course) access to the entire EXPAND training library, inclusive of any future edits.
  • Lifetime (of the course) access to our client-exclusive Next Steps Bundle.
  • A 45-minute 1:1 session, in which the first (approximately) 30 minutes will be utilized for coaching on any business-related topic of the EXPANDers choice, followed by (approximately) 15 minutes of celebration and reflection. (See specific cancellation and rescheduling terms below.)

Inclusions in the Graduation Gift are subject to change. The only way to gain access to the Graduation Gift is to complete all modules from Challenge #1 through the Graduation Module, within your (7) months access to the program. EXPANDers who do not complete these modules within that time are welcome to sign up for an additional (1) or (2) months in the program or entirely re-sign-up for the program. Both of these options require a monetary investment. For those who sign up for an additional (1) or (2) months, access to the Graduation Gift will be granted if these modules are completed within this time frame. Access to the Graduation Gift is automatically granted for anyone who signs up for a second (7) month round of EXPAND.

Signing up for an additional (1) or (2) months does not entitle you to gain a second round of access to any of the additional supports. Signing up for a second 7-month round of EXPAND will be treated like joining the program for the very first time, and you are invited to utilize all of the bonuses currently available at time of rejoining.

These additional supports as well as the Graduation Gift are offered at our discretion and are not included in the purchase price, but rather are add-ons to your journey. This means that, while we do not currently plan on adjusting these, we reserve the right to change, edit, adapt, or even entirely remove them from the program as we desire—either in whole or in part.

Regarding rescheduling or cancelling the 45-minute 1:1 session included in the Graduation Gift:

This session must be utilized within 1 month, max, of the expiry of your original contract in EXPAND (in most cases: 7 months from initial date of signup)—regardless of whether you have received lifetime of the course access to the EXPAND training library. This includes reschedules, meaning that rescheduling is available only within this one month time frame.

Reschedules are required with at least 48 hours notice and must be completed through Calendly's scheduler (aka please do not email us requesting a new time). Reschedules are subject to availability and new available time slots are not guaranteed.

This call is given as a bonus for graduating EXPANDers and therefore has no monetary value. Cancelling this call does not entitle you to a refund of any sort. Additionally, once a call is cancelled, you have forfeited your access to this bonus, and it will not be reinstated.

In the case that a force majeure or other emergency/unforeseeable event occurs within that 48 hour pre-call window, and it prevents you from being able to attend the call, please reach out to our team hello[at] to explain your situation. We reserve the right to adjust—or not adjust—this policy on a case-by-case basis, purely from our own judgment.

Marketing Magnified Terms

Marketing Magnified (self-paced) students receive one year access to the program, which begins immediately on the date that they sign up. Marketing Magnified LIVE students receive lifetime of the course access to all training materials, as do any students who enrolled prior to 16 July 2022.

Additionally, students who enroll in Marketing Magnified LIVE will receive feedback on their Messaging workbook alongside up to 10 pieces of Marketing content. Once they have received feedback on their marketing content, they are able to resubmit any edited pieces for a second round of feedback. Access to these resubmissions is a bonus and is not included in your investment, and thus this is not guaranteed.

All submissions must be made during dedicated submission periods as part of that round of Marketing Magnified LIVE; access to submission periods does not extend beyond the round of Marketing Magnified LIVE which the student signed up for. If these submission periods are not used—fully or at all—during the present LIVE program, they will be forfeited.

Items which cannot be submitted for feedback include, but are not limited to,

  • Email sequence — Individual emails are ok, and count as 1 piece of content each. However, even if you were to submit all emails from an email sequence, they will be regarded as individual pieces of content and feedback will not be given in regard to the actual structure and flow of the sequence itself.
  • Sales page copy
  • Website copy of any kind
  • Webinar script
  • Lead magnet

All Marketing Magnified terms & inclusions apply exclusively to Marketing Magnified students. They do not apply to clients in other programs or containers who get access to Marketing Magnified as a bonus. This means, in part, that if you received access to Marketing Magnified (LIVE or self-paced) as part of another program—e.g. Private Coach-sulting—you are not automatically invited to participate in submission periods during Marketing Magnified LIVE, unless access is specifically granted in your Contract or by written agreement.

“Self-Trust Bucks” Usage & Terms

Self-Trust Bucks are a discount available to you to use on most anything we sell (exceptions below). However many Self-Trust Bucks you have is how many US dollars your discount is equivalent to (e.g. 25 Self-Trust Bucks is equal to a discount of $25 USD).

If you want to utilize some or all of your discount, email us at hello[at] and we'll either give you a coupon to use, or—in the case that the thing you are wishing to buy is equal or less than the value of your available discount—give you access directly. So long as your discount is still valid, you’re welcome to stack any Self-Trust Bucks you’ve gained access to and contribute them all to one big thing or lots of smaller things.

Self-Trust Bucks are available to be used with most anything we offer (including 1:1 offers), with the exception of:

  • Integrity-Led Expansion (formerly known as Magnetize Dream Clients)

Additionally, they cannot be used for any collaborative offers where WholeCo Media is not the sole owner of the product, nor can they be used on things which are not ours (e.g. a product we are an affiliate for or a bundle that we are participating in but not hosting).

Self-Trust Bucks are able to be used alongside any other currently available bonuses/discounts/etc for the offer/s you are specifically looking to purchase.

They are not an automatic “in” for any application-only offers, just as normal cash would not allow you to bypass an application process.

Self-Trust Bucks expire in 6 months from receipt. They are non-refundable, non-transferable, and they do not roll over. Additionally, they cannot be applied retroactively to purchases already made — even if that purchase is on installments which are still in process of being paid.

Finally, Self-Trust Bucks earned via signing up on our podcast page can only be earned once, as in: we will not honor multiple sign ups by the same person, even if different emails are used. If we find that you have signed up multiple times via this form (or any other form where we are gifting Self-Trust Bucks for free), we will rescind all but the initial 25 Self-Trust Bucks you acquired. We're happy to offer this gift, but we also won't be taken advantage of!

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