Bringing trauma-awareness to your business is not a fad.

It’s integral to building an online business that you love, that aligns with your values, and that honors the humans you have the honor of working with.

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To the online business owners who are SO DONE with the “standard” way of marketing and selling…

We see you. We are you. And there are so many people in your industry who are SO grateful for you.

You know it’s time for a new, more human-honoring way of marketing and selling your work—and doing business as a whole, for that matter!—and you want to find it.

You do phenomenal work, but you often find yourself either in sales conversations that are filled to the brim with objections or working with clients who, even though they have the best of intentions, just aren’t doing their part of the work.

And while you likely wouldn’t say you’ve ever been intentionally “sleazy,” “manipulative,” or “pushy” in your marketing and sales, you also know that you could certainly learn how to be even more intentionally NOT those things (whilst still being effective at bringing new clients into your work).

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You're ready to...

Discover the foundations of trauma-aware messaging, marketing, and sales methods so that you can release yourself from the way things “have always” been done and shift how you grow your business to an approach that both aligns with your values and is wildly effective.

Begin to near-exclusively attract true Right Fit, ready-to-transform leads to your right-for-them work (which makes bringing new clients on way more exciting than it is imposter-syndrome-triggering!).

Finally understand the very practical ways that T/trauma can and does show up in your buyers journey from both your side and your prospective clients side so that you can even more adeptly market and sell in a human-honoring way.

Sound familiar? Well my friend, we built something just for you.


The course which equips online business owners with strategies to market and sell in a trauma-aware way so that they can grow their business in alignment with their stated values.

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"For the first time ever I have a subtle, nuanced, humanistic,  body based framework for marketing and sales.

I get to live my values as I bring people into my business!

Even as someone who teaches embodiment, I've never seen this anywhere else."

Alison Crosthwait, Guide
Co-facilitated by somatic trauma specialist, Parijat Deshpande, and the foundations-focused marketing and sales expert, Carly Jo Bell.


  • Get a basic introduction to what T/trauma is and how it relates to our work as business owners serving and supporting other human beings
  • Learn the 4 foundations of a Right Fit client and identify yours


  • Identify how to adapt your language and messaging to preemptively weed out/not attract who are not physiologically ready to transform
  • Discover how YOUR physiological activation directly impacts your ability to access trauma-aware language and perspectives in both your messaging and marketing


  • Be able to identify when a prospective client is experiencing physiological activation (without going into diagnosing; that’s not our job!) so that you can confidently make informed decisions about who you invite into your work
  • Learn key strategies to support prospective clients to feel safe in your sales conversations and not become physiologically activated (which is VERY natural in sales conversations, for many reasons, including the fact that MOST common sales approaches are not trauma-aware)
  • Gain critical insight into how to respond in a sales conversation when a prospective client is physiologically activated (and how to compassionately turn away a lead who is not a Right Fit)
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All so that you can cultivate...

An audience + community that trust you
A brand that authentically reflects your values
A reputation as an ethical and compassionate practitioner who recognizes and honors the whole human experience
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"I joined [Integrity-Led Expansion] because I didn't know how to speak to prospects ethically (and therefore with less anxiety), and I wanted to address the nervous system aspect of sales.  Carly and Parijat presented everything so seamlessly together, and the role plays were eye-opening!  

I'm celebrating a new way of feeling about sales conversations that's much less anxiety-provoking, as well as some changes I'm going to make to my content based on Activation/Non-Activation."

Allegra C., Sex & Intimacy Coach

Here’s everything included in this self-paced course:

  • Video + audio trainings, averaging 10-15 minutes each, with optional English captions
  • Private podcast feed of trainings
  • Access to WholeCo’s proprietary Right Fit client model (with trainings & workbook) so that you can deepen your understanding of who your true Right Fit client is
  • Practice scenarios to develop your capacity for identifying what is actually happening in common scenarios with leads (e.g. discover the real reason a lead might ghost you or have millions of objections!)
  • Additional action steps and exercises to integrate what you're learning (including two role playing scenarios, led by Carly and Parijat)
  • 6 months access to learning materials

All for only $600 or three monthly installments of $200.

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A few years ago I realized that in order to become the business owner and leader I wished to be, I needed to understand how T/trauma and stress physiology affects the humans I work with. Because if one thing became clear to me through the pandemmy: every human on earth is carrying some form of T/trauma that is affecting their day-to-day life, inside and outside of their business.

But…I’m a Business Coach. I’m not a psychologist or therapist, nor do I want to be. I simply wanted to be able to do my work with the confidence that I was minimizing the chances of inadvertently harming my audience and clients through my messaging, marketing, sales process, and actual work with clients.

Enter: Parijat Desphande. Somatic trauma specialist, high-risk pregnancy consultant, author, producer, and—the least interesting thing on this list—a previous WholeCo client. I first came to know Parijat and her work through her time inside my program, Marketing Magnified, and while I always loved the intentionality and precision that she brought to our messaging and marketing work, it wasn’t until I attended one of her workshops on trauma in the workplace that a lightbulb went off and I knew…

We had to co-facilitate a program.

You see, one of my core frameworks that we utilize here at WholeCo is a client readiness model called the Transformational Journey. Parijat fell in love with the Transformational Journey as a lens for understanding her clients, but as I got to know her work, I realized that the physiological effects of T/trauma were the missing piece in fully understanding client readiness.

Not only that, but when we include this final component into our understanding of our audience, we actually can preemptively “weed out” prospective clients who aren’t physiologically ready to transform, simply through the way that we talked about, marketed, and sold our work. This creates less opportunity for stressful, objection-filled sales calls and more opportunity for doing the work we truly love, in the way we love, with clients who will consistently maintain responsibility for their part of the work. (Which just so happens to lead to even more reliable client results, but that’s beyond the scope of this conversation.)

And thus, Integrity-Led Expansion was born.

Somatic Trauma Specialist

Parijat is a best-selling author, speaker, consultant, producer and the CEO of a global, boutique company dedicated to preventing pregnancy complications and ending preterm birth. On a mission to end the high-risk pregnancy crisis, she has served and supported thousands of pregnant people through her live events, one-on-one work, and bestselling book, Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy. Parijat also consults with small and large businesses, clinics, brands, and organizations to offer trauma-sensitive training for safer business practices.

To get support on your high-risk pregnancy journey, check out Ruvelle. To invite Parijat to speak or hire her as a consultant, connect with her at

Business Coach + Consultant

Carly Jo Bell is a business strategist, mentor, and founder of WholeCo Media. Through her courses and programs, podcast, and one on one coaching, Carly helps pulled-in-every-direction entrepreneurs create a business that brings in as much joy as it does revenue — by cultivating deep self trust, and solid foundations as the first step.

For more from Carly, and to learn about her signature “looking external for inspiration, and internal for answers” approach, stop by

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“I have been reexamining my niche because I was really frustrated by a number of wrong fit clients that I had brought on board, and wanted to know what to do about it. 

One of the most helpful parts of the course was bringing in the lens of activation for not only the client but myself when considering if it will be a good fit to work together. I am now ready to reengage with my niche, and  I definitely recommend this for the ethical practitioner!”

Caroline Holke, Drink Less, Live More Coach
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Have Q's? We have A's.

YES. 1,000% yes. 

In fact, when my clients have learnt alternative, values-driven, and much more human-honoring approaches to market and sell their work, they typically find it even EASIER to market and make sales of their work, because now they feel in-integrity and confident that they can deliver on what they say they will.

Not to mention: they’re no longer constantly exhausted by trying to do things that someone, somewhere taught them they “had” to do in order to be successful in business, and the whole process of running a business becomes significantly simpler and more enjoyable—simply because they now get to run their business, their way.

Have another question we didn’t answer here? Please reach out to hello[at]

Integrity-Led Expansion will equip you with the tools, strategies, and steps to do so in your messaging, marketing, and sales process.

Join us today so you can grow your business in alignment with your stated values.

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"This is a conversation that's not happening anywhere else. If you not only want to call in right fit clients, but want to build your business with integrity, this conversation/training is crucial  to a truly sustainable business."

Lisa Townsend, Vocal Empowerment Coach
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