Yes, you want more cash and clients. But even more than that…

You desire to get paid (really freaking well) to do the work you most love doing, in the way you most love doing it, with the people you most love working with.

(That’s our definition of Sustainable Success, btw.)

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If you want different results in your online business, you have to do something differently.

Historically you’ve had a tendency to overcomplicate everything and spread yourself too thin, which, upon some self-reflection, you’ve discovered is deeply connected with a need to justify your worth by overdelivering and/or doing “hard” things (even when a simpler option was available and would have created the same result).

You’re now ready to get comfortable letting things be simple and feel good, and you know you need a concrete plan for business growth that you actually like and are committed and equipped to follow through on.

You’re a visionary, which is a strength when used well, but which easily becomes your downfall when your big dreams end up keeping you small because of constant striving and frustration at “not being there yet.”

You’re ready to add some structure and systematization to your business so that you can create repeatable and compounding wins at every step of the journey, instead of trying to create success out of a persistent feeling of failure (because, as you’ve now discovered, you can’t get there from there).

Self-doubt, fear of making a mistake, and a general lack of confidence has previously made any form of long-term consistency, following through, and overall mastery way more challenging than it needs to be.

You’ve now recognized your saboteurs and have begun the process of befriending them, and you’re ready to have self-trust as the North Star in your business guiding you toward ever-expanding time, energy, and money (the overflow of which opens up the door for deeper community, creativity, and values-aligned impact!).

The fear of failure compounded by the fear of success kept you stuck on a precipice that you knew you were ready to leap off of so that you could step into greater visibility, take up more space, use your powerful voice, and step fully into your bigger purpose. But up until recently, you simply weren’t ready.

Now you know you’re ready. You’re now ready to face the unknown on the other side of this leap, because even though the end result may be uncertain, you’re certain that you can rely on yourself to stay committed to the journey and keep going until you either create your desired results or decide that you want something even better.

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Sound like you?

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Then I invite you to join us inside EXPAND.

EXPAND is our comprehensive business training program that equips you to sustainably call in a steady stream of clients and stabilize your cashflow while providing you with the foundations to build a business that brings you as much joy as it does revenue.

Through the combination of our guided learning pathway and personalized, in-depth support, you will create your very own Sustainable Success System™ so that you can get paid (& paid well) to do the work you most love doing, in the way you most love doing it, while working with the people you most love working with.

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“Carly was recommended to me by a trusted mentor when I had just quit my soul-sucking 9-5 and was starting my coaching and video business. I was looking for guidance in how to set up solid foundations in my business, accountability and a community of like-hearted entrepreneurs to grow with. My experience in EXPAND was, in a word, amazing.

Carly not only supported me in developing clarity around my ideal, purchase-ready client, offers and messaging, she also provided stellar coaching around mindset that transformed the way I approached building my business. She helped me accept and celebrate what was actually sustainable in terms of business growth for where I was in my life. She helped me realize that slow and steady progress forward (while caring generously for my human self) is a wise and self-compassionate path toward meaningful growth.

Developing strong roots takes considerable time and nourishment; but once those roots are established, the sky is truly the limit. Plus, the warmth, positivity and enthusiasm she comes with to every coaching session is inspiring and expansively generative! Through working with Carly, I was able to create my first 3 offers, relaunch my website with messaging to attract my purchase-ready client, and I booked my first 2 paying clients. But even more importantly, I gained confidence in myself as an entrepreneur. I shifted my mindset to approach business development with more self-compassion. I gained more understanding around what sustainable business growth looks and feels like. And at every step I felt so much encouragement that what I offer in my business is unique, needed and valuable. If you’re here reading this, don’t hesitate. Work with Carly immediately."

- Melody Klemin, Visibility Coach + Video Storyteller

Online service providers, coaches, healers, and guides like you join EXPAND when they’re ready to…

  • Build a sustainable, values-aligned business that brings true fulfillment in their day-to-day while allowing plenty of time for fun, self-care, and building a deep community around their work.

  • Achieve their goals—financial and otherwise—and thereby expand their confidence in their personal power as well as their ability to be generous in a self-honoring way with their time, money, and energy.

  • Become a trusted leader in their industry by consistently facilitating phenomenal results and transformations with their clients.

  • Market and grow their business differently than the status quo that relies on false scarcity, manipulative scare tactics, and burnout-inducing, body-ignoring hustle.

  • Get paid exceedingly well to do work that they (actually) love, that challenges them in the best way, and that allows them to show up in their purpose and be the change they wish to see in the world.

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Our EXPANDers typically come to us when they’ve tried so many things to be “successful.”

They’ve thrown the metaphorical spaghetti at the wall. They’ve followed someone else’s 1-2-3 step formula. They may have even lost touch with themselves and their true desires and values in the process.

But after taking a moment to pause, to reflect, and to begin the journey back to themselves, they’ve realized that endlessly striving to find the “one right way” amidst an endless sea of “secrets for success” isn’t the answer.

Building their business, their way, is. (Even if they’re not quite sure what that practically looks like or means just yet.)

We’ll figure that out, together!

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“I thought I was working with Carly to learn how to get sales, but it was so much more than that. Right before meeting her I had a call with another coach who tried to pressure me into a 5k investment on the call. Then I did a free event with another coach who wanted me to work with her, but I didn’t really like her formulaic approach to getting results. I liked Carly because A.) I binged all of her free content and found it SO USEFUL, B.) She gave me space to ask questions through the sales call and after, and C.) Her messaging and talking to her aligned with my values of how I would want to do things in my business.

Working with Carly was intense in a good way, because as much as she provided amazing value with selling, positioning and content creation, I needed the most help with mindset. She was an invaluable asset in helping me get to where I needed to be in order to get the results I desire. I did get my first 10k month, as well as learnt how to create foundations and stability/sustainability in my business. And now I know how to build a sustainable business model that I can take with me no matter which direction I go in.

There were so many internal results, too. I learned that I had a lot of insecurities around showing up in my true self and that I had actually lost myself trying to ‘grasp’ for results. I learned how to balance trust/strategy in order to build up the RIGHT momentum for me. I learned to establish boundaries both with myself and with my clients and I learnt how a lack of boundaries affects me. Work with Carly. Depending on where you are in business, she will help determine the right fit starting point for you. And you can trust her on that.

- Hannah Pillow, Podcast Production Agency Owner
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Discover and design your very own roadmap for Sustainable Success.

Using self-trust as your North Star and foundations as your path, you will develop and solidify each of the core elements of your Sustainable Success System™ as you journey through EXPAND.

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Through our proven methodology—which starts where traditional ideal client work ends—you'll get crystal clear on who your Right Fit customer is, what they want, and how to attract them. The newfound depth of knowledge that our method will allow you to uncover will, on its own, support you to finally be able to attract more Right Fit leads, many of whom will be pre-sold on your offer before they even get on the sales call.

  • Use our favorite market research approach to get clear on who you want to work with, confirm that person exists in the word, and learn to speak from your ideal clients’ perspective using their language. (BTW — no market research calls are required for this method to work!)
  • Release yourself from the burden of carrying 100% of the responsibility for your clients’ success by identifying the version of your ideal client who is best-positioned to succeed in your work. (HELLO fabulous testimonials, social proof, and case studies!)
  • Learn who the Right Fit, ready-to-buy version of your ideal client is so that you never have to “convince” someone of the value of your work again.
  • Step into your true niche that doesn’t require you to speak to one very particular (ahem, severely limiting) audience when the truth is that your work can support so many different types of humans. (Not to mention, curated variety is part of how we build fun into the DNA of your business!)

At every turn you’ll step further and further out of a business run by the “shoulds,” shiny objects, and strategies du jour and into one led by deeply embodied self-trust, because ultimately, you are the only one who knows what is (and isn’t) sustainable for you, your business, your audience, and your dreams.

And when you tap into that self-trust as a way of being (through plenty of practice doing), phew! That’s when you become the unflappable and unstoppable business owner you know you can be.

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With your Sustainable Success System™ in place, you’ll go from draining your resources on things that aren’t moving you toward your goals to

Building a business that brings you as much joy as it does revenue.


  • Spending your time on things that you don’t actually need (yet) in order to build a successful business.

  • Doing work that you’re good at but that drains you

  • Working with clients who sometimes seem to care less about their success than you do or have to be “carried across the finish line”

  • Getting caught in a cycle of undercharging and offer stuffing, saying “yes” to client requests when you mean “no,” and swerving out of your lane in order to “ensure” your clients succeed


  • Simplifying your to-do list so that you can focus on your true highest priority work (and see results that much faster)

  • Allowing yourself to do work that feels so easy part of you wonders how on earth you could be so lucky to get paid to do it

  • Working with clients who take responsibility for their success and are ready to create real results with your support

  • Getting paid really freaking well to do only the work you most love doing in the way you most love doing it (because staying in and owning your lane is both extremely freeing and deeply in service of your Right Fit people)

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"Doing work you most love doing, in the way you most love doing it, with the people you most love working with” isn’t some basic platitude.

It’s the key to everything that you’ll do inside of EXPAND.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you join this 6-month comprehensive business training program:

Meet Our Signature Program@2x

Training Library with 7 Core Modules + Actionable Workbooks

Get a clear roadmap and structure for how to create consistent and compounding results in your business through your very own Sustainable Success System™, and then be guided to customize and build off of this roadmap throughout your entire time in EXPAND (no one size fits all anything here!).

3 Momentum-building Challenges

You don’t have to wait to start seeing results inside EXPAND. Build momentum from Day 1 as you work through Challenge #1 - Get Your Next Client, and then continue the momentum as you move through the program with Challenge #2 - 30 Days of Content, and the graduation challenge where you’ll bring everything you’ve learnt together in Challenge #3 - Generate Ready-to-Buy Leads.

Over 20 dedicated opportunities for 1:1 coaching

Sometimes you just want to know that you’re on the right track while also being guided to see things that you might be missing. That’s why we’ve purposefully designed EXPAND so that we can walk alongside you on this business-transforming journey with over 20 dedicated opportunities for 1:1 support, coaching, and consulting.

One of my favorite ways that we do this is through our Module Check-Ins: at the end of each module, you’re guided to reflect and integrate on what you just learnt (studies show this helps with learning retention and creative implementation; or as we like to think of it, it builds your "business owner brain").

Upon submission, I review your responses and then send you a personalized coaching video celebrating your progress and ah-ha’s, providing guidance around your sticking points and answers to your questions, and inviting you to expand even further with you-aligned implementation or adjustments.

Module Check-in Feedback is just one of the ways we personalize your support on this journey, and we're excited for you to see all of the ways when you jump into EXPAND!

At-your fingertips, whenever-you-need it support inside our caring and clarifying community

You’ll be able to ask me (Carly!) questions directly inside the WholeCo Facebook Group about anything inside of EXPAND.

Expect an in-depth response (frequently written or video/screenshare!) that supports you in keeping things simple, making consistent progress, and creating your desired results.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to share wins, process through obstacles, and continually be celebrated and supported on your journey!

Monthly LIVE Support

Each month you'll be invited to attend two live support sessions. The first is Voxer Office Hours (an all-day opportunity to ask any business-building Qs in a 1:1 chat), and the second is a live-on-Zoom Goal Setting and Q&A Session with Carly.

In the live Goal Setting and Q&A session, you'll experience our signature body-based goal setting process that has clients telling us, “I've never experienced a goal setting session quite like that and I left (and still am) fired up about what is to come in my biz!”

Plus, you’ll also be able to use this 90 minute session to ask me any questions about building your business—from mindset obstacles like perfectionism or doubting your abilities as a practitioner to strategy questions like what to name your lead magnet or how to follow up with a lead who has gone cold. Replay library included of all past sessions!

A dedicated WholeCo Team member for accountability (optional)

When my team and I first decided to offer this—something that we had never seen done in the online business world before—we weren’t sure who would take us up on it. But surprise! It’s one of our clients favorite [optional] inclusions in EXPAND. Start your journey off with a 1:1 meeting with our whip smart and uber organized Programs Assistant.

She’ll map out your personalized schedule through the program—accounting for any vacations and leaving space for unforeseen life events!—after which you’ll receive 1:1 loving accountability each month so that you can continue to make progress, adjust your schedule as needed, and make the most of your time in EXPAND!

Patricia _ Petralba@2x
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"When I joined EXPAND, I found it to be a warm, safe and creative space while also being very well structured.

It’s a group program but it still offers individual feedback that is in depth, and you never feel like a number. Carly goes above and beyond and I absolutely loved working with her.

This program is absolutely worth every cent. I think it’s even a bargain!"

Patricia Petralba,
Integrative Women’s Health M.D., Wellness and Life Coach
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Plus these juicy bonuses!

Oh, did I forget to mention that? 😉 As part of your 6 months, you will receive a 30-minute 1:1 coaching session where you’ll get bespoke coach-sulting support on anything you desire to work through in your business.

Not only that, but as an added incentive to stay committed to your expansion, you’ll receive a special Graduation Gift when you complete EXPAND!

Yep! As part of your Graduation Gift, you’ll get another 30-minute 1:1 session with me, where we can work through anything you desire related to your business!

With EXPAND, you’re supported at each step of the journey to building your Sustainably Successful business that brings you as much joy as it does revenue!
We’ve designed each element of this program to support you in taking the actions you desire to take to create the results you desire to create. It’s a beautiful blend of personalized and systematized, and even our neurospiciest of clients find that they move through the program and continue building momentum toward their big, OMG-can-I-really-do-that dreams because of it.
Now, we’d love to support YOU to do the same!
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“I was looking for support/coaching and a container throughout several months that would help me get my messaging streamlined and ready to be marketed, as well as learn about authentic sales. Throughout my experience in EXPAND, I was consistently impressed by the depth and quality of the training library.

It's clear just how much dedication, work, detail and care was put into creating this offering. It's also clear that Carly does what she possibly can to make her clients succeed by training with her. I loved the group coaching sessions and the personal element that added, as well as the accountability.

I also had several moments when I felt that there was a structure Carly works with, but she holds it lightly and with flexibility, depending on what she believes she can offer each client. It's the perfect combination of standardized group work and personal coaching. I’m now confident in sales calls, I know how to do market research properly and I am getting ever close to finding the language for my ideal clients, which previously had felt like a very challenging task.

Perhaps most importantly, I now have confidence and trust in my ability to create exactly the kind of business I want, while being able to work with some tried and true tools. The marketing, offer building, messaging and sales resources inside of EXPAND are some of the best and most approachable I've come across. If you choose one course/investment to make in this space, check out Carly's work.”

- Katharina Norden, Life&Leadership coach, activist, equity entrepreneur
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To thrive in EXPAND, we ask you to commit to a full-bodied investment.


EXPAND has a way of simplifying your time expenditure by focusing you on your highest priority work.

Which means that while you can expect to invest about 3-4 hours per week on training materials, implementation (the bulk), and live coaching or other forms of support, you’ll actually very likely spend less time on all the things you’re currently doing to try to expand your success.


Building a business takes energy on every level. And yet most businesses are filled with energy leaks from investing their energy where it doesn’t need to go.

Through our process of realigning every element of your business to 1) serve your people, and 2) be authentic to you, we’ll close those gaps and you’ll find that working on and in your business now feeds your energy rather than drains it.


Your financial investment in EXPAND is only one facet, and truthfully, we don’t want your money if you’re not also willing to invest your time and energy into creating more time, energy, and money.

With that said, the financial investment in this 6 month program is 6 monthly installments of $600.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay in full for only $3,500. Amounts are USD.

You know that in order to get different results, you have to do something differently.

You’re pretty sure that EXPAND might be that ~different~ thing, but there’s a voice in the back of your head wanting to make sure.

I’ve seen time and time again that EXPAND offers those missing pieces—the foundations—that make any strategy you desire to implement actually able to work. And I’m confident that once you’re inside, you’re going to have that lightbulb moment that so many of our clients have where they realize, This is what I’ve been looking for.”

It’s from this knowing that I created the Empowered to EXPAND Guarantee.

Take 30 days to work through EXPAND (especially the Get Your Next Client Challenge!). If you move through the process and implement and you decide that EXPAND is not what you need to build a business that brings you as much joy as it does revenue, then get your money back.

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“I started my business 6 months prior to working with Carly and was looking to create consistent 5 figure months. The WholeCo methodology and Sustainable Success really resonated with me and Big-hearted Entrepreneurs represented the most safe and holistic community. Working with Carly was phenomenal.

She helped me create some solid foundations for my business and achieve a 5x ROI on my investment in the program, double my earnings from the year before, and have three $10k sales months.

Now I have the ability to build a business that aligns with my life, as well as a better understanding of what foundations need to be in place to grow a sustainable business. If you’re thinking about working with Carly, do it. At the very least, you will leave centered in who you are, what you want from your business and how you want to do it along with the financial success that comes with doing the work.”

- Celeste Lawson, Relocation Strategist
Celeste Lawson

“The Get Your Next Client Challenge got me into action, and got me to engage more directly with potential clients which I was always afraid to do.

And I got 5 new beta clients because of it!” 

- Amy Joy

“I realised I don't have to overcomplicate things by avoiding what I truly want.

There are deep reasons why I've done this in the past and I'm outgrowing them now. When I help myself, I can help others better even without trying. I feel relief and excitement.”

- Catherine

"I’ve only finished the Position Your Offers as an Obvious-Yes portion of EXPAND, but already it’s exciting and freeing

to be able to put down in words what I do that makes sense to me and will also resonate with the reader. Thanks Carly!”

- Pam Bowman

Carly - Jumpsuit with Daisies - semi-circle left crop@2x

I'm Carly Jo Bell.

(Though you can just call me Carly.)

If you’re anything like I was, you’ve very likely gotten to where you are in business by asking questions like what can I get paid for and what should I do to get more clients?

But somewhere along the way, you’ve realized that while this approach to business-building might work to an extent at bringing you more clients and/or cash, if you want to build this business for the long haul: you have to allow yourself to do the work you most love doing, in the way you most love doing it, with the people you most love working with.

I started my business in 2018 as a social media manager who eventually pivoted to brand strategy and then I pivoted once more to business coaching. I’ve since worked with over 100 individual clients as a business coach and over 4,500 people have joined my courses.

Along that journey, I also started and ran a product based business with my dad that made $180k in its first year. It’s been a winding road to get here, but the through line in all of it has been my endless quest to truly love my work, to feel intrinsically inspired to keep showing up, and to facilitate massive transformation in both my clients and the industry as a whole.

My dream is to have an ever-expanding lived experience of Sustainable Success. And this, at the end of the day, is I think the biggest and “best” goal we can have for our businesses. Yes, let’s make a lot of money. Yes, let’s have the time and energy to show up and live generously. Yes, let’s do and be all the things we desire to do and be. But ultimately: let’s just really genuinely love our lives. Because from that there is a natural outpouring of everything else.

Whatever your dream is, you’re not going to create it by continuing to look outside of you for someone else’s “tried and true” way to build success (I know you’re already becoming even more aware of this). You’re going to create it by looking external for ideas and internal for answers while building the foundations for long-lasting, Sustainable Success (the type that you can begin experiencing right now).

This is what I’ll support you to do inside of EXPAND, the program that is responsible for dozens of online entrepreneurs taking a radically different, way more human and longevity-focused approach to building their businesses. Will you be the next one to join us?

EXPAND was built for you if…

  • You believe Black, Brown, and Indigenous Lives Matter, that love is love, and that women's rights are human rights (and trans women are women). You can read our full What We Believe statement here.

  • You are a done-for-you service provider, coach, or other practitioner. (psst! Yes, sex coaches, microdosing guides, shadow workers, energy healers, witches, and all the historically taboo and/or woo professions are welcome here, too!)

  • You are already building and running your business and you are actively working to bring new clients into your work. Most EXPANDers are already working with clients, though we will make exceptions for some business owners who have already been building their business but may not have gotten paying clients just yet.

  • You can and do commit time to work on your business (outside of client work) every single week, excepting vacations and “life is life-ing” things, for at least 10 hours per week. (This is not how much time you’ll be working on EXPAND specifically; this simply shows us that you’re actually consistently working to build your business—which takes time, especially in the first ~3-5 years.)

  • You’re willing to do the inner work alongside the external or strategic work, because true, lasting Sustainable Success requires both.

If you are a primarily product-based business owner or if your primary audience is large corporate entities, then EXPAND is not for you.

If you meet most of the above characteristics but are more “entrepreneurial curious” or not yet in the process of actually building your business, then we do not recommend that you join EXPAND at this time (instead, get started with The Aligned Niche!).

Carly, sitting on a stool surrounded by boxes of good and bad advice.@2x

Throughout my time in EXPAND I felt loved, cared for, and seen. I finally landed on the work I’m meant to be doing with your help.

Magenta Flower - Right Crop@2x

“I couldn’t figure out what in the world I was meant to be doing or how I was meant to be doing it, or how I could make money doing it — I had all the pieces of the things, but couldn’t commit to any one thing.

I knew I had the capacity to make money as an entrepreneur, and so I decided to work with you. Your story and content resonated with me so deeply, and you gave away so much value for free that I could only imagine how magic it would be to work with you.

Throughout my time in EXPAND I felt loved, cared for, and seen. I finally landed on the work I’m meant to be doing with your help. And, I even know how to verbalize what I do using a Quick Pitch — this is something I will use for the rest of my life! Beyond that, I truly internalized what it means to look external for ideas but internal for answers, and I learned to listen to my internal compass.

Carly is both an absolute wealth of knowledge and an absolute wealth of love. Her ability to truly see you, coach you, and guide you are unmatched.”

- Rebecca Anthony, Creative Strategist

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You might be wondering…

EXPAND has a way of simplifying your time expenditure by focusing you on your highest priority work.

Which means that while you can expect to invest about 3-4 hours per week on training materials, implementation (the bulk), and live coaching or other forms of support, you’ll actually very likely spend less time on all the things you’re currently doing to try to expand your success and see the results you desire.

Additionally, it’s a 6 month program but building each of the foundations of your Sustainable Success System™ tends to take EXPANDers about 5 months total (and they’re seeing consistently compounding results the whole way through). We’ve done this intentionally so that you have space for life to happen throughout your journey in EXPAND, and can still complete the requirements to receive lifetime of the course access to the program materials.

“This module [4 Foundational Content Types] has been massively important. 

The most important thing I've learned here is the power of having a strategy + a framework to guide content creation. It makes things seem so much less overwhelming!”

- Allegra C.

“I’m someone who really likes to have it all figured out before I start writing anything down.

However, your process of giving one instruction (do this), then the next instruction (now do this), etc. helps to break that get-it-perfect-before-I-start thinking.”

- Pam Bowman

"Determining who I want to work with helped me feel more in the ‘drivers seat'

and more control over who and how I can help instead of the ‘fishing-cast and see’ method of marketing that I had been doing before. Carly’s explanations really helped me see what was possible in a way that I’ve not heard this process done anywhere else.”

- Sharon Calderón

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Other programs charge extra for things that we include for all of our EXPANDers.

1:1 coaching? Check. Opportunity to receive lifetime access to the materials, templates, and trainings, plus any future updates? Check. Over 15 dedicated opportunities for live or asynchronous 1:1 support, not even including ongoing support inside our WholeCo community? Check!

Here’s a reminder of all that’s available to you when you join EXPAND:

  • 6 months access to the entire program
  • Comprehensive training library which includes 7 core modules, actionable workbooks, and resources that our long-time clients still return to years after first being introduced to them
  • 3 momentum-building challenges which support you with the exact steps you need to get your next client, create consistent marketing content, and generate ready-to-buy leads
  • Over 20 dedicated opportunities for live or asynchronous 1:1 support
  • At-your-fingertips, whenever-you-need-it, personalized support in the WholeCo Facebook Group
  • Monthly client-exclusive Goal Setting + Q&A Session (90 minutes on Zoom)
  • Monthly Voxer Office Hours (ask Qs and receive support in a 1:1 chat, open all day from 9a-5p PT)
  • [optional] Dedicated WholeCo Team member for accountability support

PLUS these bonuses:

  • 30-minute 1:1 coaching session
  • Lifetime (of the podcast) access to Mornings with Carly, the WholeCo private client podcast
  • In-depth, 1:1 feedback on your messaging and marketing

AND the Graduation Gift (exclusively available when you complete EXPAND in your 6 months!):

  • Lifetime-of-the-program access to the EXPAND training library
  • Our Next Steps Bundle with three step-by-step projects to continue building your long-term Sustainable Success
  • Additional 1:1 coaching session with Carly

What I really love about working with Carly is it’s all holistic. With the coach I worked with before, it was all blank, naked strategy that just kept piling up work for me.

Magenta Flower - Right Crop@2x

"I have big dreams that cost a lot of money, and so I know I want to make millions. Before working with Carly, I had hired a social media coach who told me I needed to post 3x a day and 'bark' at my audience to get them to buy. Plus, I was creating content in two languages which meant that I had to make 6 pieces per day; that was exhausting. At the time, I was also using pain points in my marketing, and had followed the advice of another coach who told me to only sell one thing (which was crushing for me!).

Working with Carly gave me the permission to use a positive outcome to paint the picture, which felt like a fresh breeze, and to also start selling smaller things which felt easy to sell instead of putting so much pressure on Joy Academy. All of this changed my momentum and freed up my energy. I even allowed myself to do packages that weren't scalable but were fun for me, and from that I had a $10k cash month and then a ₣19k cash month, which helped me get into the 'leaned back' energy. Later, I tripled my price points and brought 12 new clients into Joy Academy. 

I think another piece of the puzzle that helped me was when I finally understood, not only in my head but in my heart, that selling is serving. Early in my business, a lot of it felt like that whole 'spaghetti at the wall' thing. It just felt like I was throwing everything at the wall. But now I know what I'm doing. I have the things in place. Everything is getting built exactly how it needs to be built. This is going to support me in the long run of my business.

What I really love about working with Carly is it’s all holistic. With the coach I worked with before, it was all blank, naked strategy that just kept piling up work for me. Now my business is like a network of connected things, and if you pull here, it moves everywhere. It’s beautiful. These foundations that we’re working on are magical, practical, crystal clear, and colorful. Now, I don't have to only sell one thing, I can be my creative self who has lots of ideas. There are a lot of coaches who are like, 'I can help you make your millions,' but Carly is real. I highly recommend EXPAND.”

- Ronja Sakata, Joy Coach

Ronja Sakata
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The foundations of Sustainable Success don’t build themselves, but when they’re built—and done with intention, step-by-step, with self-trust as your North Star—there’s no stopping your ability to create a business that brings you as much joy as it does revenue.

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