Client Results

A core ethos that my team and I teach and live by here at WholeCo is that we can only ever create the conditions within which our clients can succeed. We cannot make them succeed, because only they can do that.

Therefore, while I take 100% ownership of what it’s like to work with us, our role is simply to be a guide and catalyst for any results or transformations that happen for our clients through working with us. And ultimately, it’s due to their ongoing commitment to the journey and other contextual elements outside of our control that they achieve the results they do.

With that in mind, we’re proud and honored to be able to share their experiences, and invite you to explore them below.

Ronja Sakata

Ronja Sakata
Queen of Joy, Joy Coach

“There are a lot of coaches who are like, 'I can help you make your millions,' but Carly is real. I highly recommend her program.”

I have big dreams that cost a lot of money, and so I know I want to make millions. Before working with Carly, I had hired a social media coach who told me I needed to post 3x a day and 'bark' at my audience to get them to buy. Plus, I was creating content in two languages which meant that I had to make 6 pieces per day; that was exhausting. At the time, I was also using pain points in my marketing, and had followed the advice of another coach who told me to only sell one thing (which was crushing for me!).

Working with Carly gave me the permission to use a positive outcome to paint the picture, which felt like a fresh breeze, and to also start selling smaller things which felt easy to sell instead of putting so much pressure on Joy Academy. All of this changed my momentum and freed up my energy. I even allowed myself to do packages that weren't scalable but were fun for me, and from that I had a $10k cash month and then a ₣19k cash month, which helped me get into the 'leaned back' energy. Later, I tripled my price points and brought 12 new clients into Joy Academy. I think another piece of the puzzle that helped me was when I finally understood, not only in my head but in my heart, that selling is serving.

Early in my business, a lot of it felt like that whole 'spaghetti at the wall' thing. It just felt like I was throwing everything at the wall. But now I know what I'm doing. I have the things in place. Everything is getting built exactly how it needs to be built. This is going to support me in the long run of my business.

What I really love about working with Carly is it’s all holistic. With the coach I worked with before, it was all blank, naked strategy that just kept piling up work for me. Now my business is like a network of connected things, and if you pull here, it moves everywhere. It’s beautiful. These foundations that we’re working on are magical, practical, crystal clear, and colorful. Now, I don't have to only sell one thing, I can be my creative self who has lots of ideas. There are a lot of coaches who are like, 'I can help you make your millions,' but Carly is real. I highly recommend her program.

— Ronja worked with us inside EXPAND twice, Marketing Magnified (self-paced AND a live round), the Sustainable Success Mastermind, and Private Coach-sulting. —

Celeste Lawson, Melanin Tours

From a “fluke” $9k month to three 5-figure cash months!

Celeste began working with me inside EXPAND and eventually joined the Sustainable Success Mastermind. Through our work together, she realized she was not only massively undercharging ($250 for an individual multiple day tour of Costa Rica), she also needed to massively restructure her offer so that she actually enjoyed selling and delivering it. Once we made those necessary shifts, she found it so much simpler to begin marketing, talking about, and selling her work, and she very quickly thereafter had her first $10k cash month (5 months after joining EXPAND). She repeated that milestone several times over the next few months, and credits the foundation-focused and self-trust-led work that she did across both programs with her ability to do so.

“I’ve always been like a high level person. I’m always in the clouds, always in my head. And so EXPAND was just the anchor to bring me down and secure the foundations, and then everything just fit into a puzzle.” [Celeste, 13:00]


Cherise Green
Email Strategist & Copywriter

“There's no one out there who makes me feel quite as seen as Carly."

She cuts through the noise around whatever it is I'm dealing with, and calls out the real issue in the kindest but clearest way.

I have had sooooooo much resistance to reaching out to someone who could help me find clarity. I have people that help me with logistics and even people that help me with implementation.

But no-one, and I mean no one, has given me the level of headspace that I walked away from this encounter with.

Every time I've met with a coach, I've come away feeling weighed down and as if I have SO much work left to do. I walked away from this experience feeling light, even though we covered some H.E.A.V.Y shit! I feel like I've just been given permission to listen to myself.

If you’re considering working with Carly, do the damn thing. There is no greater gift than being encouraged to listen to your inner voice. The world is noisy! It's beyond rare to find someone who keeps repeatedly leading you back to yourself and encouraging you to pay attention to what's happening inside of YOU. That's Carly.

If you need clarity, and you need a gentle reminder that all the answers you need are already inside of you....but they maaaaaybe need to be coaxed out a bit. Talk to Carly. It's a truly life-changing experience.

 Cherise attended a few of our live events and booked in a Pay What You Can Coaching Session —

“People consistently reply to my emails with comments about how much my content resonates with them. I also pivoted and launched via email only and brought in 4 clients. Plus, I am really doing the inner work now.”

Magenta Flower - Right Crop@2x

Now, I have clear messaging and marketing, to the point where people consistently reply to my emails with comments about how much my content resonates with them.

I needed help with offers, messaging and sales. I wasn't clear on what my offers were or how to create them in a way that felt good for me.

My marketing felt off because I didn't know what I was selling and I had no idea what messaging or positioning really meant.

Overall, that core part of my business (the part where I sell things) was just incomplete and I wanted to rebuild to support my life.

The assessment at the beginning of my time working with Carly was great and her ability to help create and fine tune messaging is super next level.

I also pivoted from DFY work and launched my brand new coaching + consulting offer via email only and brought in 4 clients. Plus, I am really doing the inner work now. I feel a lot more connected to what I really want in my business and am listening to myself more as I move into this next season in my business.

If someone was considering working with Carly, I’d tell them they were attracted to her for a reason and to follow that nudge. If they're not sure, she puts out so much high quality training for free via the podcast and FB group—if they like that, working with Carly directly is like that insight x 100 and a no brainer.

Diane Lam
Scaling Strategy +
Operations Consulting

— Diane joined us inside Marketing Magnified: LIVE as well as the Sustainable Success Mastermind. —

“The marketing, offer building, messaging and sales resources inside of EXPAND are some of the best and most approachable I've come across.”

I was looking for support/coaching and a container throughout several months that would help me get my messaging streamlined and ready to be marketed, as well as learn about authentic sales.

Throughout my experience in EXPAND, I was consistently impressed by the depth and quality of the training library. It's clear just how much dedication, work, detail and care was put into creating this offering.

It's also clear that Carly does what she possibly can to make her clients succeed by training with her. I loved the group coaching sessions and the personal element that added, as well as the accountability.

I also had several moments when I felt that there was a structure Carly works with, but she holds it lightly and with flexibility, depending on what she believes she can offer each client. It's the perfect combination of standardized group work and personal coaching. 

I’m now confident in sales calls, I know how to do market research properly and I am getting ever close to finding the language for my ideal clients, which previously had felt like a very challenging task.

Perhaps most importantly, I now have confidence and trust in my ability to create exactly the kind of business I want, while being able to work with some tried and true tools.

The marketing, offer building, messaging and sales resources inside of EXPAND are some of the best and most approachable I've come across. If you choose one course/investment to make in this space, check out Carly's work.

Katharina Norden
Life&Leadership coach, activist,
equity entrepreneur

— Katharina joined us inside of EXPAND. —

Photo of Sara Cole, woman with a kind smile.

Sara Cole
Adoptive Parenting Coach

"I’ve continued working with you for years because I appreciate your blend of business info, marketing strategy, and woo-woo emotional support to all combine to keep me moving forward."

It’s been so long since we started working together, that I don’t even remember why I came to you in the first place! Probably needing more clients. I’ve continued working with you for years because I appreciate your blend of business info, marketing strategy, and woo-woo emotional support to all combined to keep me moving forward. I now know what my zone of genius is and some ways to work within it. I know what types of content to write and how to write them (mostly). I know that when I feel blocked if I go and journal all the things I'm feeling afraid of I get unstuck. I know that I have a lot to share with others and that I undervalue it. I have more confidence in what I have to offer. Clearer sense of who I want to work with. Confidence that I can experiment, make a mess, and learn stuff!

If you're looking for marketing support AND the emotional support to help you move forward, Carly Jo is GREAT. And - if you're on the fence, tell her what you're thinking. You can trust her to be high-integrity and honest with you.

— Sara worked with us inside a long-retired course, Words That $ell, followed by EXPAND. She then stepped into Private Coach-sulting for a couple of years, during which time she also joined us for several rounds of Marketing Magnified LIVE as well as Integrity-Led Expansion and other live events and workshops. —


Patricia Petralba
Integrative Women’s Health M.D., Wellness and Life Coach

[EXPAND] is absolutely worth every cent. I think it’s even a bargain!

I met Carly on a networking meeting and loved how thoughtful and pragmatic her process was.

When I joined EXPAND, I found it to be a warm, safe and creative space while also being very well structured.

It’s a group program but it still offers individual feedback that is in depth, and you never feel like a number. Carly goes above and beyond and yet is very embodied with her boundaries.

She’s truly a gem! Before EXPAND I was unclear and insecure on how to write and create marketing content.

I came out very confident in creating marketing content, and also with clearer messaging for my ideal woman and a more engaged audience with my offers, sales, and emails.

I absolutely loved working with Carly. This program is absolutely worth every cent. I think it’s even a bargain!

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Hannah Pillow, Wildfire Purpose Productions

From $0 to 5 new clients in 3 months, £10k in 6 months, and premier podcasting agency in less than 1 year.

When Hannah first joined EXPAND, she actually had an entirely different business idea than where she ended up.

But through our work together on her foundations in her first month in the program, she realized that she had actually been entirely overcomplicating what she wanted to do and instead decided to do work that she was genuinely great at: podcast production. One month later she had signed her first 3 clients (including a NYTimes Bestselling Author), and only a handful of months later she crossed her first 5-figure cash month.

One thing that really stood out to Hannah was the foundational work that we do inside of EXPAND, and she credits the Audience development work (which goes way beyond “Ideal Customer Avatars”) as a big part of how she was able to be so confident in the value of her work and actually deliver at such a high caliber.

“That level of awareness that you [Carly] have with your clients is something I have never seen before in a coach. You know how strategic I am, and you always pull me back and remind me: ‘Let’s focus on [this inner work] first, and then let’s get to the strategy.’ And that always needed to be focused on, even if I didn’t want to do it. You don’t often see coaches focusing on all of the layers of a human in the business journey. You see ‘how to get your next $10k month’ and stuff like that. But you don’t see people working on the foundation of the human and the foundation of the business at the same time, which is what you do, really.” [Hannah, 44:43]


Parijat Deshpande
Author, Speaker, High-risk Pregnancy Consultant, Film Producer

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Carly if you’re ready for your business to get busy!

I was having trouble bringing in the right clients who were ready to benefit from the work together.

After trying to learn marketing skills from countless other providers, I was convinced this was a skill I would never develop well until I heard you talk about it.

You made it feel possible, and have the most compassionate, anti-shamey, supportive, gentle approach to teaching non-marketers like me how to talk about my work and my business in a way that attracts my right fit clients.

I was shocked by how much I learned, how much I retained, and most importantly, how quickly I experienced results! After months of struggling fill my programs after working with you, I completely filled out my signature Path to Baby™️ program with all of my dreamiest, most ideal clients.

I realized I was not actually allergic to marketing! I developed clarity and confidence about how to talk about my work and to whom.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Carly if you’re ready for your business to get busy! Carly does not teach the type of online marketing strategies you've tried that haven't worked as well as you'd hoped.

She teaches a person-centered approach to marketing that is truly sustainable.

— Parijat joined us inside of Marketing Magnified: LIVE as well as some follow up group coaching and Q&A sessions. —

Anh headshot

Tech & Systems Specialist

If you're tired of generic and shallow copy/messaging advice, time to work with Carly to actually go deep.

I didn't even know where to start with marketing. So many options, so much information, so overwhelming. How your brain works is exactly what I've been looking for in this space: not just another copy auditor, you provide depth and specificities.

Working with you was exactly what I had expected and more! I appreciate the holistic approach within your expertise, so you know it's not just helpful. It's impactful 🙂

I've now gotten clearer and clearer with my messaging and able to share it confidently with others! I'm hopeful and excited for the next chapter of my life. You've given me some great tools to add to my toolbox as I'm detangling this identity piece for myself to really lean into my creative work confidently.

If you're tired of generic and shallow copy/messaging advice, time to work with Carly to actually go deep. You'll find the impact of working with her not just within your business (and it's massive!), but your personal development as well.

— Anh joined us for a live workshop as well as a Pay What You Can Coaching Session. —

After stepping beyond the ‘shoulds,’ Michelle landed two $30k contracts!

I joined the Sustainable Success Mastermind because I was feeling uncertainty and a lack of clarity; there’s just too much noise about all of the things I ‘should’ be doing!

Carly’s energy and her approach to things like letting adults make adult decisions is so refreshing in the online business world, and the containers she creates are true safe spaces to grow together.

With her coaching, I landed two $30,000 contracts and I remembered how to trust myself and own my awesome!

If you’re thinking about working with Carly, do it!

Michelle Fishering
Idea Strategist + Creative Collaborator

— Michelle joined us inside of EXPAND and the Sustainable Success Mastermind. —


Rebecca Anthony
Creative Strategist

Carly is both an absolute wealth of knowledge and an absolute wealth of love.

Her ability to truly see you, coach you, and guide you are unmatched.

I couldn’t figure out what in the world I was meant to be doing or how I was meant to be doing it, or how I could make money doing it — I had all the pieces of the things, but couldn’t commit to any one thing.

I knew I had the capacity to make money as an entrepreneur, and so I decided to work with you. Your story and content resonated with me so deeply, and you gave away so much value for free that I could only imagine how magic it would be to work with you.

Throughout my time in EXPAND I felt loved, cared for, and seen.

I finally landed on the work I’m meant to be doing with your help. And, I even know how to verbalize what I do using a Quick Pitch — this is something I will use for the rest of my life!

Beyond that, I truly internalized what it means to look external for ideas but internal for answers, and I learned to listen to my internal compass.

Carly is both an absolute wealth of knowledge and an absolute wealth of love. Her ability to truly see you, coach you, and guide you are unmatched.

— Rebecca joined us inside of EXPAND. —


Melody Klemin, Visibility Coach + Video Storyteller

I gained confidence in myself as an entrepreneur.

I shifted my mindset to approach business development with more self-compassion. I gained more understanding around what sustainable business growth looks and feels like.

Carly was recommended to me by a trusted mentor when I had just quit my soul-sucking 9-5 and was starting my coaching and video business. I was looking for guidance in how to set up solid foundations in my business, accountability and a community of like-hearted entrepreneurs to grow with.

My experience was, in a word, amazing. Carly not only supported me in developing clarity around my ideal, purchase-ready client, offers and messaging, she also provided stellar coaching around mindset that transformed the way I approached building my business.

She helped me accept and celebrate what was actually sustainable in terms of business growth for where I was in my life. She helped me realize that slow and steady progress forward (while caring generously for my human self) is a wise and self-compassionate path toward meaningful growth.

Developing strong roots takes considerable time and nourishment; but once those roots are established, the sky is truly the limit. Plus, the warmth, positivity and enthusiasm she comes with to every coaching session is inspiring and expansively generative!

Through working with Carly, I was able to create my first 3 offers, relaunch my website with messaging to attract my purchase-ready client, and I booked my first 2 paying clients. But even more importantly, I gained confidence in myself as an entrepreneur. I shifted my mindset to approach business development with more self-compassion.

I gained more understanding around what sustainable business growth looks and feels like. And at every step I felt so much encouragement that what I offer in my business is unique, needed and valuable. If you’re here reading this, don’t hesitate. Work with Carly immediately.

— Melanie joined us for two rounds of EXPAND. This testimonial was written after the first. —


Chrysta Wilson
DEI Consultant, Vision and Outcomes Coach

[Carly] helped me break through that 10-month block I had in less than 2 hours.

I still reflect on the incredibly powerful coaching Carly gave me last year. I had been experiencing a long-term block when it came to re-thinking through a new offer that lights me up and is connected to my business framework.

In my private session with Carly, she helped me break through that 10-month block I had in less than 2 hours, walking me through her proprietary process for exploring client readiness & transformation.

Not only does she do everything with such expertise; she offers care, and requests consent each step of the way.

I learned so much, I got so many insights, and I can say that she was one of the echoes that brought me back into the truth that there is joy and power when I work with people to pause and dream: I had forgotten until she coached me.

I’m forever grateful, and I honestly can’t believe the breakthrough she facilitated: I need more Coach Carly time!

— Chrysta joined us for a 1:1 VIP Session, which has since become our consulting package, Offer Ecosystem. —

Ronja Sakata, Joy is My Compass

From “How do I sell joy?!” to Messaging that Converts

Ronja joined EXPAND after realizing that the way she had been taught she “should” build her business was severely limiting who she could be in her business.

One coach had told her that she could only have one offer, but she’s a self-proclaimed creative with a bunch of bright and brilliant ideas. Another had told her she needed to “bark” at her audience on social media 3x/day in order to get clients, which made her choose between creating lots of content or creating the kind of relationship-deepening content that she desired to.

Inside EXPAND, everything changed, and when she released herself from these externally-imposed constraints and focused on foundations instead of these “strategies,” she brought in over 20 new clients in the span of 6 months. As a Joy Coach, one of Ronja’s big challenges was messaging—her favorite question for the longest time was, “But how do I sell joy!?”—and if her results were any indication, she certainly was able to figure that out!

In her 10 years in business, Ronja has seen and worked with a lot of coaches, and her one big piece of advice for people (seriously, these were her words) is: “Buy EXPAND.”


Alicia Lozano
Operations Consultant

Working with Carly is a no-brainer. She is very different than most people in the online space.

You can really trust that she is here for you and has YOUR best interest in mind.

I found Carly when I wasn’t making much money in my business and wasn’t even sure if I was attracting the right audience. After hearing her podcast episode about how to find the right fit client I was mind blown.

It helped me break down my customer journey and understand who my current offer was actually for.

I finally had a clear picture of who I was helping and what they needed to have gone through in order to be a good fit. After I got this win, I became a fan and chose to come back to Carly & WholeCo when I needed support.

Initially, I was actually surprised by the amount of value she brings to the table. I found myself having what I call mini transformations each time I read a post, listened to a podcast, or took a training.

I also feel so seen. I love the fact that she rejects hustle and rejects the online status quo - "if I can make a million dollars doing 1, 2, 3 so can you". This harmful rhetoric is being used to sell people into things they might not be ready for.

Carly operates from integrity and that is hard to find in the online space.

After listening to a few podcast episodes, I was able to understand my right-fit client and list tangible things and experiences they had to have gone through in order to be ready to buy.

This accelerated my business acumen and helped me close more sales from a place of integrity. This also meant I never got into a pickle where I was unable to deliver on my promise to my client. From that point forward I was bringing in only people who were a good fit. I am so glad I learned this early in my entrepreneurial journey.

Most recently, I have become a stronger storyteller after taking the course The Storyteller's Start. I am excited to use Carly’s framework - like all the time! I also refer back to her freebie about how to get more leads when I need them. Everything she puts out is just so valuable! The biggest intangible results were mindset shifts.

The WholeCo motto is all about looking externally for ideas and internally for answers. When I first heard this I felt I had the permission to stop seeking validation from the online business world. I was never the same business owner again.

The other thing that she said that has stuck with me was about the permission to make a mess. Carly talks about how creating offers doesn't have to be perfect and it's actually a good thing to make a mess. Ooof that permission was everything at that moment. I passed that wisdom off to someone last month (giving credit of course) and every single person on that mastermind call saw this person's shoulders drop, smile lift, and she was filled with a new energy.

She was still raving about how she is has embraced more play and ease in her business weeks after this experience. Now, that's impact!

Working with Carly is a no-brainer. She is very different than most people in the online space. You can really trust that she is here for you and has YOUR best interest in mind.

She gives so much value to anything that she touches. If you don't know her well, just consume her content for like a week and the decision will be made for you!

I also trust that even if you don't know if you're ready, she does, and you can trust that she will let you know or provide an alternative solution.

— Alicia wrote this testimonial after having attended MANY of our live events as well as purchasing The Storyteller's Start. She has since gone on to work with us in other ways, which you'll see across other spots on our website. —


Jocelyn Montemarano
Video Podcast Strategist & Producer

Carly is the only coach I’d recommend for anyone wanting to create their first or next 5 figure month and make it sustainable because you have the right things in place.

Carly is the coach I wish I knew of when I started in this online business world.

She would have saved me thousands of dollars in investments in coaches/courses that while they had a good strategy didn’t help me understand the foundations I needed to have success with those strategies (and so I never got my return on my investment in those).

AND it would have saved me years of trial and error, self-doubt, and $0 months. Even having more experience now, I’m always learning more and more from Carly and uncovering where I still have gaps in some foundations.

Carly is the only coach I’d recommend for anyone wanting to create their first or next 5 figure month and make it sustainable because you have the right things in place — not just the shiny strategy of that moment.

If you’ve seen the value she’s provided in her free (or $5) workshops, it’s clear EXPAND is such a worthwhile investment.

— Jocelyn has attended MANY (maybe even most?) of our live events and workshops. —

And here’s what business owners have to say about our courses!

Build the solid foundations for who you’re selling to, what you’re selling, and how to talk to your people so that you can confidently call in more Right Fit clients with even more ease.

"Before NU I felt uncomfortable about niching and was afraid of it. However, Carly Jo did a great job of making it much less scary and it makes a ton more sense now. I particularly loved that NU didn’t take too long to finish and I was able to get all of the important information.

My biggest takeaway was figuring out where I wanted to focus my business and how to explain my offer to potential customers. I’ve now niched down and I’m excited to get started on creating a sales page, content, and more!"

- Rachel

“Confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated. That’s how I felt about niching. Now I’m lots more confident and clear, knowing this will be a process of refinement but also that I have the structure to always guide me.

I especially loved the step by step process [in Niche Unleashed] that builds on what is already created, and it shows behind the scenes how the messaging works with the client's psychology. Learning how to extract the guaranteed result and the meaningful outcomes to speak to the practical and the dream aspects of the clients' desires was a huge ah-ha, but I really wouldn't change anything!

I'm celebrating new clarity and structure, which will reduce my resistance to create content and sell my work, and the fact that I pushed through when it was difficult and messy, just making changes bit by bit until I was happy enough (without perfectionism).

If you’re a life coach who has a broad range of ways to work with people from all walks of life, I’d recommend you take Niche Unleashed. It honours the diversity of people and still speaks to their shared wants and desires that can be achieved with the coaching.”

- Anonymous

"I was hesitant to niche because I felt that I would be missing out selling to certain groups of people, but through Niche Unleashed I realized that niching will actually help my business be even more successful.

The course itself was easy to follow; I liked that it was broken down into short sections with activities to do, which helped me identify my clients who are ready to buy and really think about my offers.

I now understand how to create an offer that will appeal to the Right Fit ideal client.

Thank you for this program, it has given me a lot of clarity in areas I was struggling with."

- Michelle

"I was super reluctant to niche before NU, and now I’m much more excited about it!

All of the exercises were really practical, for example, I came out of the course with messaging that I can use straight away. This was a great programme!"

- Shonagh

"Because of Niche Unleashed I feel like I have an elevator pitch for each offer that resonates with my ideal customer.

The course helped me refine what I was already saying and doing in a way that feels right for me. I especially liked how the focus is on who you truly want to work with, and then structuring your services to meet them where they are.

I also loved the focus on adjusting your messaging so that you don’t have to convince people why they need your service."

- Aba

“Niching felt too narrow and overwhelming, so I liked the way that it was defined in this course. I felt the exercises were helpful, the explanations behind the exercises were really helpful and I loved having easy-to-follow transcripts.

I do feel like I have more clarity, more specificity around the benefits of my offer and am poised to create more content. I think the whole messaging section was most helpful. This has always been a confusing concept to me and while I worked at a quick pace and don't think I could turn around and explain to someone what constitutes messaging, I feel more confident about my messaging.

Externally, I have more skills and resources to refer back to. Internally, I’ve grown confidence around my offer and messaging and feeling a sense of celebration that I finished a course on topics that my resistance often makes me feel so confused and overwhelmed about.

- Anonymous

"I was so STUCK before Niche Unleashed! Now, I’m prepared to move forward (and it feels so good!). I especially loved the focus in the messaging module on outcomes instead of 'pain points.'

Thank you for the permission to move past pain! I must admit, I’ve previously been willing to take anyone on as a client. Now I’m changing it up to attract less 'hand holding' clients; it’s time for clients who are ready to take ownership of their own outcomes!

I’ll now have more time freedom for myself, I’ve focused on two main offers, and I feel so much more empowered to empower others!"

- MaryJo

"Before NU I had no idea what my niche was. Learning about the 4 types of Ideal Customer and how ready they are to buy, and then how to translate that into obvious-yes offers was so eye opening for me."

- Joanna

"I actually thought I had a niche before taking Niche Unleashed, but now I realise how to focus my niche further, especially on the purchase-ready customer who will take ownership and will do the work the course requires.

My big a-ha happened when you first taught about the purchase-ready customer, and I immediately felt so amazingly positive and excited by how clear I now am about who to target/speak to. It really shifts your energy!

It’s refreshing to hear a level of thought that the other standard approaches I’ve seen in soooo many courses don’t cover. I feel now that some of these course creators target the ‘I need a saviour’ as they’ll buy the course, but the course creator may not care that they’ll ever do the course.

Your explanation on getting to your real niche and ideal customer is the best I’ve seen (and I’m a marketer!…it helped me immensely).

I feel like I have great clarity and really practical work from the workbook that I can literally drop into my course messaging, sales page, ads etc right away. Thank you!"

- Eve

“Before Niche Unleashed I had no idea what niching really meant. Now I know that niching doesn't mean only working with one specific person forever. It means understanding the problem that exists, how I can help, and marketing to anybody experiencing that problem. The detailed sections in the course were great in getting me to think about what my client actually wants and what they need, and then how to approach figuring out how I can actually help with that. I'm definitely recommending this to other online business owners!”

- Anonymous

“This was a great course, and I’d recommend it to people who already have expertise helping people within their profession and who know who they like to work with, but are not sure how to make that a niche and/or define a clear offer. I loved the step-by-step exercises, and there was something about the way you teach designing an offer that made it so much easier. The [messaging process] of going from Obstacles to Outcomes to Real Results was also really helpful.”

- Bianca

“I now have a different way to think about niching than, ‘It means you can only…’ Carly is an awesome coach, the workbook is clear and well laid out, and the questions - while many of them sound simple, are stacked to be really revealing, helping to pull things out of my head that I know I know but maybe haven't been able to articulate or didn't realize I needed to. I now have greater clarity, and I’d recommend this course to a Solution-Ready Customer 😉”

- Danielle

Niche Unleashed was well paced and the workbook had good prompts to keep you moving through without giving up. Watching myself on video was fairly eye opening as well. I’ve accomplished my first real offer 🤩 and these exercises were useful for shifting my mindset!

Overall, I think [Niche Unleashed] can help people narrow their focus at all levels of experience. Sort of a check in with yourself so you have some passion behind what you're doing and how you're really helping.”

- Lex

“I joined Niche Unleashed because I don’t like being put in a box. I feel like I’m multi-talented and can reach several different types of people. I had sooooooooooooooo much resistance to getting this done. And yet the straightforward, step-by-step coaching through each stage of the program was just what the doctor ordered.

I’m now clearer and more focused. Exhausted a little. But, there is a clarity in my brain that simply didn't exist before. I can talk about my Ideal Customer, and feel comfortable that they are exactly who they need to be. I'd been torturing myself with the preconceived notion that I have to be able to offer my clients a full transformation to be worth what the market, my needs and the value that I bring say that my services are worth. To realize that I could create a ‘lower scaled’ offer for my solution-oriented version of my ICA was SUCH a relief.

I feel like I have a great starting point that I can refine and hone over time. I have a few friends and family members that are moving into the world of trying to figure out how to work for themselves. Copywriters, massage therapists, and even a nurse. All searching for answers on how to figure this crap out. And the answers on the internet suuuuuuuck, so yes, I’d recommend Niche Unleashed to all of them!

- Cherise

"I always thought niching was a bit restrictive, now I realized that it actually opens up my audience!

The course was informative and it went deeper than any other course or book I’ve read about finding your ideal audience. Not only do I now have more clarity on my audience, offers, and messaging, I’m even applying it to my marketing.

Overall, I loved Niche Unleashed!"

- Simone

"Niching in terms of the client avatar made sense to me, but through NU I learnt more about how to niche my messaging—which makes so much sense!

I loved the clear, simple, executable steps in the program and I now feel really clear on my offers and messaging. THANK YOU!"

- Emma

“I had tried niching over and over and I felt like I never got it right. Now I understand the difference between ‘Ideal Clients’ and Purchase-Ready Clients, and that my marketing messages were too wide before — speaking to the ‘Ideal Client’ when I needed to narrow it to my Purchase-Ready Client.

As to the course itself, I found the workbook simple and easy to go through in my own time, and I’d recommend Niche Unleashed to other coaches like me!

- Anonymous

"Before NU I was overwhelmed by niching because I felt like I had to box myself in.

Now I’m much more free and liberated! The course was simple and actionable, and the workbooks really helped.

I now know how to shape my offers in a way that will attract the right people and have more clarity to move forward."

- Katie

"Niching always made me want to roll my eyes, because the concept seemed rather limited and constraining to me. But because of NU, I feel as though a door has been opened to let in some fresh air and expanded horizons.

I really appreciated Carly Jo’s no-fluff approach that offered a ton of value in just a few minutes of video coursework.

The workbook was also completely on-point and laser-focused, helping me develop ideas quickly.

I think the biggest difference between this course and other offerings on 'niching' is the element of the ready-to-buy customer. THAT is where I’ve been going astray in my marketing. I also loved the related anti-pain-point approach, which resonates so much and makes everything seem less icky.

I’m celebrating a LOT more clarity about my primary offer and how to talk about it!

This was the BEST course I’ve taken in AGES! I feel so ready to get into action. Thank you!!"

- Allegra

"Niching was always confusing for me, but now I feel confident on creating my ideal client. I particularly loved the exercises on how to find my messaging, and now I feel more confident about my business!"

- Naomi

"I like that the lessons were short and actionable. I didn’t get overwhelmed because you kept things simple, which gave me the space to really think about the exercises and stretch myself.

My biggest moment of clarity was distinguishing between the Solution-Oriented and the Transformation-Ready version of my ideal customer, which also freed me from using language that speaks to the people who are looking for a savior.

I’m also celebrating greater clarity on how to structure my offers! Overall, I enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it."

- Jennifer

"I had previously done some work around niching, but now I have so much more clarity. The course was clear, well designed and laid out, and I really liked the step-by-step approach.

There were even transcripts to read rather than listen! My biggest aha was that my marketing needs to be focused specifically on the PURCHASE-READY people.

I’ve done marketing plans in the past, but this particular piece was quite helpful as this is a detail that’s often missed! Overall, this is an excellent program. Thank you!"

- SW

“A lot of copywriting experts say niching is the 'only' way to become an expert and get consistent clients, but that never felt right to me. I now feel more confident that I can work with clients who want what I offer and who are the right fit for me, and I don't have to feel limited by a specific industry or specialty. The course videos were short, powerful and to-the-point so I could get the information I needed to spend quality time thinking and working through the workbook.

I would recommend it to any new business owner so they don't spend years talking to the wrong people (like I've done), and so they can come right out of the gate with clarity on how to present powerful offers that convert.

- Jennifer

“I LOVED how simple [Niche Unleashed] was. Everything was super clear and easy to follow. It always felt so hard to figure out who I wanted to serve and how to help them. Now I feel a lot more clarity around it! As I started working in my workbook, I found that ideas kept flowing. Now I'm working on a marketing plan and I have so much more clarity and direction (and excitement) to move forward.”

- Kasey

“Niching was always a vague concept in my mind. Now I feel more confident in where I'm going with my content and I had so many a-ha moments! I'm feeling excited all over again my writings, and less overwhelmed by marketing and what to say about my books. I have a more clearer vision and I have tools now that can help me (in other areas of my life too).”

- Anonymous

“I understood the necessity of niching but I was confused about the ideal client avatar versus the change my product offered. Niche Unleashed made me understand these concepts clearly, and now I love thinking in terms of Solution- or Transformation-Ready Clients. I also love how the course centred Right Fit clients as someone I would like to work with as well.

Carly is very clear in all she’s saying, and she makes everything super simple throughout. The mindset stuff she peppered in throughout was so helpful, too!

I’ve nailed down the details of my very first offer, and all of this business stuff seems more doable to me now. I’d recommend this course to those just starting an online business so they get these business basics down pat and also to those who are confused and worried about not making more sales.”

- Nimisha

“I’m finishing Niche Unleashed feeling more equipped to talk about personality life coaching in a way that could better resonate with my Right Fit Ready to Purchase people. I'd been feeling intimidated - especially after having taken multiple courses, completed worksheets, attended masterclasses, and still feeling overwhelmed/boxed-in and STILL vague about my people. Now I’m more empowered and confident I have a clue! 😉

I’m excited about the potential shifts I'll make in my messaging for that offer and the chain effect of getting to support incredible women in becoming the best version of themselves. That's ridiculously exciting. And I'm looking forward to more boldly talking about my work - and having more fun doing it! 

I loved so many things about Niche Unleashed: the [Audience Alignment exercise] was really helpful and so dang simple. The emphasis on not sitting in perfectionism and that we'll never truly get it "perfect" (and that's okay!). Social listening will be something that I think I'll continue enjoying the more I make it a habit. The worksheets were so helpful. Honestly, I loved all of it!

Now I know that Niching isn't so much about focusing on specific demographics or hobbies/etc. it's about figuring out who's your Right Fit Client who's also Ready to Purchase. Speak to them. And those RFCs might be someone who surprises you.

And bonus #2: Audience + Offer + Messaging = deeply integrated and essential for alignment. So many fledgling entrepreneurs are daunted by how to begin niching, but Niche Unleashed makes it so simple. This framework is illuminating and reduces wasting so much time and angst not understanding the difference between an avatar and a ready-to-purchase client - and for what offer. Thank you Carly, this was so life-giving!”

- Cortney

“I definitely thought niching was, ‘I work with health coaches.’ I like that you presented it as more broad and that's it's more about the problems people are facing and how you are the exact right person to help. The visualization was so clarifying and I loved the way that it was all broken down as well as Carly’s presentations.

I now have new skills that I can use when presenting offers, and I'd recommend Niche Unleashed to any business owner who is struggling with what they do and how to talk about it.

- Katie

Anyone who is tired of being told to stuff their hopes, dreams, and vision into the ‘dude bro’ mold needs Niche Unleashed. I joined Niche Unleashed because I was excited to get better at niching, but I was also terrified because I WANT IT ALL!

Carly was very gentle with the unpacking process and created lots of on and off ramps that allowed me to create my unleashed niche. I realized through this process that there is a way to do all of the little pieces I am offering/developing without overwhelming myself or wearing myself out. I feel some freedom now, and I’m also going to be gentle with myself and about how long I have been approaching all of this in an unhealthy way.

Great job with this Carly! I had NO idea that I was going to be creating what I did, and you are clearly working in your genius.”

- Renae

Bring an introductory level of trauma-awareness to your messaging, marketing, and sales so that you can work in-integrity while facilitating even more reliable client transformations and results.

"This is a conversation that's not happening anywhere else. If you not only want to call in right fit clients, but want to build your business with integrity, this conversation/training is crucial to a truly sustainable business."

- Lisa Townsend, Vocal Empowerment Coach

"I joined [Integrity-Led Expansion] because I didn't know how to speak to prospects ethically (and therefore with less anxiety), and I wanted to address the nervous system aspect of sales. Carly and Parijat presented everything so seamlessly together, and the role plays were eye-opening!

I'm celebrating a new way of feeling about sales conversations that's much less anxiety-provoking, as well as some changes I'm going to make to my content based on Activation/Non-Activation."

- Allegra Cramb, Sex and Intimacy Coach

"For the first time ever I have a subtle, nuanced, humanistic, body based framework for marketing and sales. I get to live my values as I bring people into my business! Even as someone who teaches embodiment, I've never seen this anywhere else."

- Alison Crosthwait, Healer, Guide, Artist

"I have been reexamining my niche because I was really frustrated by a number of wrong fit clients that I had brought on board, and wanted to know what to do about it.

One of the most helpful parts of the course was bringing in the lens of activation for not only the client but myself when considering if it will be a good fit to work together. I am now ready to reengage with my niche, and I definitely recommend this for the ethical practitioner!"

- Caroline Holke, Drink Less, Live More Coach

Attract Right Fit, ready-to-buy clients through extraordinary and effective content, on every platform you market your business on.

“I always enjoy Carly's content and often it felt like it ‘spoke to me.’ I wanted in on the secret of how to do that for my own clients! Before Marketing Magnified, I was creating a lot of ‘how to’ content. People liked it, but it wasn't driving any business for me. I was also telling stories, but wasn't quite able to connect them back to my offer in a way that was selling. 

Not only is the content in Marketing Magnified excellent, I appreciated how simple it was for me to start putting it into action right away. I still [several months later] use the structures provided to craft my content, and it’s helped me create a lot more content than I was previously. My content not only works as posts on social channels, but also as a powerful part of my email and ads retargeting strategy. And I’ve now won new work as a direct result of my content, and have had several people refer me to clients because my content has kept me top of mind for them.

Being able to create extraordinary and effective marketing content is important because it helps attract clients for my business. And just as important, since I offer marketing services, my own content serves as an excellent example of the type of work I can deliver for clients. I'd definitely recommend Marketing Magnified to other entrepreneurs. The aspirational content training alone was worth the price (that's the thing that was REALLY missing in my content before and has made a huge impact). 

In the last couple years I’ve taken two ads intensives that were expensive but worth it (as well as some programs that were a complete waste of money). But as far as dollar for dollar ROI, I’d say that Marketing Magnified has been BY FAR the most valuable investment of all of those.”

- Laura Rees, Marketing Strategist

“If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get serious about their content creation, I’d recommend Marketing Magnified. I knew I wanted to learn to craft extraordinary and effective content so that I can shine as bright as I am, tell the world about my work, and change lives. But my content was non-existent or inconsistent and I didn’t feel connected to it so I avoided content creation at all costs. I took and loved Marketing Magnified when it first came out [in 2021], but this year [2023] it has delivered even more. Your client experience has been taken to the next level!

I’m celebrating consistently showing up for the program, my beautiful new offer, AND getting honest about what I want my business to be and actually telling people. I’m even taking pleasure in writing content!

- Amandine Ayala, Farm CEO and Founder at Bloem & Moi

Carly is so masterful in not only the ‘what’ — the logistics of creating content — but the ‘how’ — anticipating and gently helping us work through the resistance that comes up in doing something uncomfortable and new.

As I discovered in Marketing Magnified [LIVE], my content wasn’t working because I wasn’t excited about my niche. Now I’ve pivoted my business and I am excited about my business again. 

The content in Marketing Magnified is fantastic as a standalone, but having the additional hands on support of Carly and the group were very important for me. Being able to now craft extraordinary and effective content makes my experience within my business so much more enjoyable and when I show up that way, it is easier for my clients to find me.

- Caroline Holke, Drink Less Live More Coach

"I love the way Carly Jo teaches and coaches and brings so much clarity to the PROCESS. I felt very confident in my writing, but not so confident or consistent in the process of getting the writing out. I had a whole arsenal of unpublished content written without knowing how and in what situations to present it. MM allowed me to categorize my content properly and actually get it out into the world. I feel more confident that my content will now actually be doing its job and not just be released into a vacuum with no purpose.

I am PUMPED to get my content out there now. It gave me HOPE. Sounds dramatic, but seriously....I didn't do content marketing the entire year of 2021 because I was so stuck. And trust me, I have other content products from many many people. To anyone considering joining, I'd say that if they want to stop wasting time putting out the same ole surface-level content that everyone else is doing, then sign up for MM. Carly Jo provides a really fresh and CLEAR take on creating content that makes so much sense and it will kinda blow your mind."

- Ashley Brown, Brand Strategist and Creative Director

"Before Marketing Magnified, I was struggling with talking about myself, my offers, and nailing down how to craft a good message. Now I have a clear roadmap to follow as I continue to refine my messaging, I've learned how to be clear and concise, and I have spreadsheets of sample sales content to refer back to when I'm feeling blocked. I know and truly believe that when I create content, I get paid. It's a total mind shift. If you know who you are, what you do, who you serve and are ready to amplify your message (and to practice in a safe space putting it out there) absolutely join!"

- Lisa Townsend, Vocal Empowerment Coach

“We have important work to put out in the world. Without effective marketing content, nobody will know about it. The work has been proven and validated for years by clients. But those clients already loved us. So we needed a way to get new eyeballs on our work.

Previous content was focused on agitating pain points. Our ready to buy clients do not want to be reminded of the ‘pain’ they are sitting in. It turns them off. So even though we knew the work itself was validated, we were not attracting the right fit clients.

I knew Marketing Magnified would be radically different from any other messaging or marketing course I took. First because there are no other programs that I have found that blend both messaging AND marketing. They usually focus on one or the other but this was a complete solution to my problem. But second because I was able to show up without fear of judgment about my previous work or knowledge. This program delivered 1000% on its promise. I now have a step by step way to think about both messaging and marketing for any new offer we come up with in our business.

MM helped me refine my content to get more sales before the program even finished. And not just more sales. More clients who are now loyal fans for life. I am celebrating that I am now a person who has follow through. I have proven that, even when it gets hard, I find a way to keep going. I am also celebrating [successfully] selling to a cold audience for the first time in our 17 years in business!

Would I recommend Marketing Magnified to other business owners? YES! YES! YES! I would recommend MM to people who are struggling to get their authentic voice heard in a way that really reflects the genius they have to put out in the world. It will give them the concrete steps to make this happen."

- Meredyth Mustafa-Julock, CEO of the Make It Happen Method

“I want to build a business where I am surrounded by people I like and care about. I can't attract them without the right content. Before I joined Marketing Magnified, my content wasn’t quite right. I know I can tell stories that bring people in, but the ‘so what’ factor was missing. ‘Good story, but so what?’

I didn’t have the tools to talk about what I do in a way that is clear and speaking to the right people, so I got a lot of randomness in the people who might want to work with me.

I joined Marketing Magnified after taking Carly’s The Storyteller’s Start course, and I found that to be effective and I wanted to keep going. 

I appreciated the accountability and actual feedback that occurs [in the LIVE round] in a way that makes it easy to follow through (ie. Google docs with edits and comments). The personalization and feedback was also done in a way that allowed me to process without my RSD kicking in hard core.

I feel like I’ve made so much progress and my marketing is now in line with what I REALLY want to be doing. For any business person who has been struggling to find the words to express themselves in a way that is meaningful, I’d recommend Marketing Magnified.

- Tanya Daily, Misfit Artist and Coach

“Before Marketing Magnified, I was posting the same types of things everyone else is posting. I was getting images from Etsy and writing captions that were pre-written prompts or just making up short and sweet, quick captions for my bought content. It wasn’t representative of me. I joined Marketing Magnified when I realized that the only thing that makes me different from other VAs is that they aren’t me. If I'm not putting out content that shows who I really am, my clients and audience don't really know me. Why would they want to work with me if they don't know what makes me different?

The selling point of Marketing Magnified [LIVE] was the feedback on 10 pieces of content. The feedback was amazing, and that made the whole course worth it to me to get someone else's professional opinion on what I was putting out into the world. It was more thorough than I could have ever imagined and extremely helpful in crafting my content and building my confidence with creating my content.

I feel more confident with my content and like what I’m putting out there is actually representative of who I am as a person and as a business owner. If you’re struggling with creating content, I would recommend Marketing Magnified.”

- Sammy Bohannon, Virtual Assistant

"Before Marketing Magnified, marketing seemed so hard and foggy to me and I didn't know what to do. [Once in MM] I loved that we just got little pieces of information that I could digest and practice. And I LOVE that I ended up with an outline and formula that I can follow and practice that also has enough room for me to play and be ME. I have a FULL month of content planned that I feel super comfortable with and am confident I can execute on easily and within a reasonable amount of time each week. Now, I'm feeling so much less stress about marketing."

- Sara Cole, Adoptive Parenting Coach

Craft powerfully resonant stories that deepen your connection with your audience and community and distinguish you from the crowd.

"I LOVE Carly's approach to storytelling and how she teaches it, especially with how to connect it to the work you do and your offers.

The way Carly guides you through the storytelling arc and what components you need to tell a story that is specific, memorable, and meaningful makes it feel so much easier to become a great storyteller and connect more deeply with 'our people.'"

- Jocelyn Montemarano, Video Podcast Manager and Producer

"Thank you for offering this course. I consume lots of storytelling content from lots of coaches, but I actually learned quite a bit from this short course. You shared real ways to write your stories, not just fluff, but actual how to.

That handout [that comes with The Storyteller's Start] is a great guide and hearing the different stories sparked ideas about some of my own stories. I am tweaking my first story but lots of ideas have flooded my head and I will be writing down lots of different stories. I will absolutely be recommending you to others."

- Annette Heller, Coach

"When it came to storytelling, I felt lost. I understood the importance of learning the art form, but I really had no easy structure to follow. I also didn't know where to start. Therefore, 'not knowing' kept me procrastinating when I need to write content and/or my book!

Carly is a phenomenal storyteller, and to see where it all comes from is amazing and led me to trust her EVEN MORE. There's a simple, easy to understand framework that has been under our noses this whole time! I love how Carly broke this down for me and gave real examples in her training. The videos are also all under 10mins (most of them at 3mins) which made learning and the ability to finish the course so manageable.

I am celebrating writing my first story with intention and structure. I feel like I could give a speech now! Finally, my words, the intention, and the feeling I want to provoke by telling my story are all in alignment. And if every story I put out into the world has this level of intention, I will have a profound impact on my audience and my income.

This investment is truly a no-brainer. This course has so much value, and I'd recommend it to those who want to be better storytellers, but don't really have any idea where to start. It's transformational and gets you to share your story in an intentional way on camera, on stage, or in writing content. The framework can be applied in all areas."

- Alicia Lozano, Systems and Operations Consultant

Transform your relationship with social media so that you can use it as the powerful tool that it IS to grow your business.

Magenta Flower - Right Crop@2x

"I’ve been very adamant that I didn’t like social [media]. The end. But recently I started shifting gears in my business and I felt like social media could be a powerful tool for me in the future…if I let it be. And that there might be something underneath my dislike of social media - that maybe it’s me, not social media.

I liked the format and being able to take it with me on the go, and the program was well thought out.

The first step of digging into why I feel the way I do about SM was really eye opening. I should have known better than to expect straight up tactics out of the gate with you!

Through Social Media Reset, I’m celebrating becoming more self aware. I'm celebrating working through some triggers and fears I cleared in other areas, but still linger here. I'm celebrating being open to what my use and relationship with social really looks like in the future.

If you’re a business owner who feels overwhelmed by social media or who feels like you should be all over social media all the time, and you feel a nudge that your business could really benefit from social media, I’d recommend Social Media Reset."

- Diane Lam, Scaling Strategy + Operations Consultant

Craft an application to work with you that's tailored specifically to your business so you can know whether a lead is a Right Fit for your work, right from the start.

"I wanted to create a ‘Right Fit Filter’ [application to work with me] to help me understand who I am going to be talking to before we are already on the call. Hopefully, it will also offer clarity to them on some things about their business because they had to think through it a bit.

Would I recommend this course to others? Yes! I loved your step-by-step processes throughout the course. ‘Think about this. Now do that. Don't get ahead of yourself.’ And I am now ready to create my first version of a pre-call questionnaire. You are awesome!"

- Pam Bowman, Profit Advisor and Cash Management Strategist

“Right Fit Filter helped me to hone in on the questions I want to ask prospective coaching clients before I have a conversation with them about coaching with me, so that I can qualify and prepare a right-fit client for a sales conversation. I’ve now set up my Calendly and am ready to start booking Discovery Calls! If you’re a fellow coach looking for clarity around identifying their right fit client and how to gauge the fit of a prospective client before a sales conversation, I’d recommend you take Right Fit Filter.”

- Melody Klemin, Visibility Coach

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