Chances are that if you’ve landed here, you’ve already been through the wringer in online business.

Which, while exhausting, has led you to looking for something different and to searching for a space where you are supported to build a business you genuinely love showing up for, that replenishes—rather than drains—your time, energy, and money.

A space where, instead of telling you to follow some “tried and true 1-2-3 step strategy,” you’ll be pointed inward and shown that yes, not only is it possible to be wildly successful doing business your way, it’s the only way to become genuinely Sustainably Successful.

Well my friend, we hope you feel drawn to kick off your shoes, set down the “shoulds,” and that your inner wisdom has told you, ahhhh, this must be the place.

Hey, I’m Carly Jo Bell.

The Sustainable Success Mentor and Business Coach for big-hearted business owners.

Welcome to my house.

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It’s been clear from the beginning that I was never going to survive, let alone thrive, in a “doing things how they’ve always been done” type of way.

Instead of the classic little kid lemonade stand, I started Cowgirl Carwash in front of my dad’s business, selling detailed car washes for $5-10 a piece.

I was overdelivering + undercharging before I even knew what that meant.

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Instead of diving into the corporate rat race upon graduating uni, I chose to move 7,539 miles away to Sydney, Australia with only $1,500 to my name.

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Even when I was first building WholeCo, I was committed to doing things my way.

But when my way seemed not to work—I only made $14k total in my first year in business working full time (just barely more than the US poverty line in 2018)—I naturally got caught up for a few years in a lot of the same shoulds, shiny objects, and strategies du jour that throw so many business owners off track.

It wasn’t until...

an $80k sales month a few years in that I finally paused long enough to fully examine what I was building (and how), and realized:
something isn’t right here.

Despite the difficulty, the gifts of that year were innumerable and changed the entire trajectory of not only my business, but also my life.

Through that experience of supporting my fellow business owners, so many things became clear.

Build it your way.

Every Sustainably Successful business owner got to where they are not by following someone else’s strategy but by building their business, their way.

Avoid burnout.

The classic path of Speedy Success that’s so prevalent in our online space only leads to burnout, breakdown, and having to burn everything down. And I don’t want that.

Feel safe.

Nothing outside of me — including any amount of money— can be a substitute for me liking myself and actually feeling safe.
p.s. That’s why I’m trained in somatic work.


Self-trust is the ultimate key ingredient in any long-lasting business, and a business built without it might create success, but definitely not Sustainable Success.

And above all:

That's why when you work with us, you'll use self-trust as your North Star, foundations as your path!

Since I entered the online space in 2017, I’ve supported over 100 clients and thousands more have joined my courses, all of whom came to me ready to exit the world of Speedy Success.

Here at WholeCo, you'll be supported to build your business your way and create Sustainable Success.

We do that by building their business foundations and always pointing them inward, creating opportunity after opportunity for them to get in their self-trust “reps.”

When our clients “graduate” from working with us, the most common piece of feedback we receive is that they know exactly what they want to build and how, and no longer have debilitating mental drama about what someone, somewhere thinks they should do. One of my private coaching clients said it best:

“This is my business and I get to do what I want to do. I get to show up and serve my people how I want to. Even if there’s 30 business coaches somewhere out there saying it’s wrong, I’m only focused on, ‘How do I do this?’”

This level of trusting yourself first and being equipped with the foundations for Sustainable Success is what we want for every business owner, everywhere. And believe me, we’re on a mission to take this message as big as we can go.

And yet, what we care about even more is this: are you—yes, I’m talking to YOU—building a business that brings you ever-expanding time, energy, and money, in which you get to do the work you love, in the way you love, with the people you love?

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Come bloom with us, my brilliant friend.

Let’s create your Sustainable Success.


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